Instructions on How to Create Free Quilted Gift Card Ornaments Patterns

How to Make Quilted Gift Card Ornaments
How to Make Quilted Gift Card Ornaments
Using a few small pieces of fabric, ribbon, buttons, embroidery floss and your sewing machine you can easily create gift card holders that can also be used as ornaments for on your tree or the fireplace. Cut the fabric in the shapes of square, Christmas trees, circles or whatever shape that you prefer.  Mix and match Christmas fabrics in colors of red, green and white or colors of your choice to make the perfect Christmas card gift holder to give as the perfect gift.


¼” yd. of each fabric for piecing, ½” yd. fabric for binding
Embroidery needle
Basic sewing supplies
Tree and pocket templates (1/4” seam allowance provided)




For tree:


  1. Cut 5 2”x 6” strips of piecing fabric in different patterns. Sew long ends right-sides together, and press toward darker side.  
  2. Cut 1 tree out of pieced fabric, 1 tree out of backing fabric, and 1 pocket out of backing fabric.
  3. Fold over one short edge of pocket ¼” and ¼” again and topstitch to finish edge. Press other sides over ¼”. Sew pocket to tree backing by edge-stitching around unfinished sides. 
  4. Sew pieced tree and backing tree right-sides together, leaving small hole to turn. Press well, and slip-stitch hole closed.
  5. Using roughly 6” of ribbon, create a loop, and tack to top edge of tree. Stitch button over end of ribbon.
For square:


  1. Cut 2 2”x8” strips of fabric, and sew long, right-sides together. Press seams toward dark side.
  2. Cut rectangle into 4 3.5”x 2” rectangles. Sew sets of two rectangles together, with matching squares facing each other diagonally. Press seams to one side.
  3. Cut each of the two squares diagonally in the same direction, creating four matching triangles.
  4. Match and sew all four triangles together to create square motif. Press well.
  5. Cut 1 matching square and 1 pocket out of backing fabric. Attach pocket to ornament back in same way as tree, and stitch front and back (wrong-sides together) around edges. 
  6. Create loop out of ribbon and attach to top center of ornament, with loop toward the inside.
  7. Cut enough 2” wide bias to go around square and press in half, wrong-sides together. Sew raw edge of bias to raw edge of square, overlapping at starting position.
  8. Fold bias to the back and hand-stitch in place. Press ribbon toward outside of ornament. Sew button over bottom edge. 
  9. Embroider “quilting” stitches through all layers except pocket, if desired.

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