How to Make an Easy No Sew Body Pillow a Free Pattern!

If you are looking for an easy way to make a body or bed pillow without sewing this is a fun and easy project.  Created by using a couple of extra inexpensive bed pillows, a few dollar store baby fleece blankets (or old baby blankets)  or fleece fabric and some fabric adhesive this came together quickly. The project can be sewn together if you prefer or use fabric adhesive to glue together and allow to dry. Just be careful an have a few paper towels on hand to make sure there is no mess or sticky hands left behind.  Here ‘s is what you need and how to create your own No Sew Bed Pillow.

Sew a Sleeping Bag by Annabel Wrigley
Sew a Sleeping Bag by Annabel Wrigley

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  Materials – Quantity of 4 Dollar Store Fleece baby blankets that measure approximately 30 inches x 30 inches each or enough fleece fabric to make the size of pillow you need.  2 Standard or Queen Size Bed Pillows or Polyester Fiberfil if you prefer or want to add additional fluff to your pillow. Aleene’s Fabric Adhesive. (I used Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Permanent fabric adhesive).  You could also use Fabric Fusion Tape which is less messy or sew together using thread or yarn.



 Next layout your blankets or fabric evenly to the length and width you want your pillow to measure. Place two blankets on the bottom and two on the top and make sure everything look correct before securing the ends together. You can also use two pieces of fleece fabric cut to size.


 If you are sewing or gluing the fabric together you may want to do this wrong side out leaving one side open before completing.  Turning the fabric right side out before stuffing or placing pillows inside of them.  make sure that all of your ends or sides meet up perfectly square before adhering them.


 Note:  If using four baby fleece blankets make sure that in the center you adhere the blankets together on the ends but allow for the center to remain open in order to place a pillow of stuffing inside all the way across your pillow.


Begin to glue your ends pieces together (or sew if you prefer). Using caution not to get any glue on other parts of your fabric or your work surface area. If you do just wash off right away before completing the project.  Double check to make sure that all ends are completely glue down.


 Use a good light source and watch how you are using the fabric adhesive.  You want to be consistent and even when your ends and make sure your ends meet up.
 Make sure that your corners match before securing them together and carefully place them evenly.

If you are using fabric adhesive be sure to press down on each end to confirm that your ends are secure and allow them to dry.  Drying time takes approximately 3-4 hours but I would let this dry overnight to make sure before making any repairs or trying to install a pillow or filling.

 You can close up two of the long sides and leave both ends open to add pillows or secure all three sides leaving one end open before adding your pillows of fill.  If you will be using pillows I would suggest leaving an open end in order to allow removal of the pillow cover for washing.  Fabric Adhesive is machine washable and permanent.


 Securing the ends.


  Preparing for Adhesive


  Adding the Fabric Adhesive


 Carefully adding Adhesive to the fabric ends


  Pinching the ends once adhesive is on the fabric


 Securing the ends.


  Make sure your ends are even and do not seam the middle piece completely together you want to be able to get your pillows all the way in your cover!


 Continuing to finish adhering the fabric.


Allow your ends to dry for approximately 3 to 4 hours before adding pillow or fiber fil. I would suggest waiting even longer because some ends may take longer to dry than others. You can always do a test piece before you being your project.  I left both ends of my pillow open because I used the ribbon that came with the pillows to tie up the ends instead of using glue and allowing me to remove my pillows when the cover needs washed or the pillows need to be cleaned.


  Add your pillows to your completed cover once your fabric has dried.  You can add pillows, fiberfill or both depending on how fluffy you want your body pillow to be.  I decided to keep my ends open in order to remove the pillows. 


  The body pillow if big enough for the kids to sleep on or use as small bed for a child 5 and under.  This makes a great use for extra bed pillows and the kids love having these big pillows to use on the floor. Plus you can easily wash them by removing your pillows.


  I used the ribbon that came with the pillows to tie up my ends instead of sewing or using the adhesive to close them.  I decided to keep both ends open so it’s easier to place your pillows inside of the cover.


  I hope you enjoyed this project!  Please leave any comments or questions you may have about this below!  We would love to hear from you!


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