How to Create Easter Baskets Using Dollar Store Toys, Games, and Candy

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Years ago when we were little there were no ready made Easter baskets that you could purchase in the store.  Instead you would make or buy a basket or a plastic bucket, get some colored Easter grass and fill it with colorful eggs, chocolate rabbits, and maybe a toy or two. 
Now, you just go to the store and purchase an Easter basket. Plus, with all of the grandparents, parents and aunts and uncles buying Easter baskets for the kids, we have an idea for the kids and parents to make their own Easter basket and give them kids at school, in the hospital or at a homeless shelter. It doesn’t cost much and you can find everything you need at the Dollar Store. Scroll Down to Learn How to Create your Own Easter Basket filled with toys, games, and candy treats!
 How to Make Easter Baskets Using Dollar Store Items
Here is how to Build a Basket or Easter Bucket Filled with Great items from the Dollar Store!
Easter baskets can easily be made with a personal touch to make sure that loved ones are getting treats and toys that they will enjoy. Best of all the items can all be purchased in bulk or shipped to your local Dollar Tree Store for you to pick up in time for Easter celebrations!
Here are some suggestions for the items you can use to create your Easter Basket all ofr $1.00 Each.


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