How to Create a Year in Review Photo Christmas Card


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It’s never too early to think about getting your photos and cards ready for the holiday season.  You can easily send family and friends a photo card with your favorite moments of the year so they can catch up on all of the things that you have been up to.  Not everyone is on Facebook so this is one way to share a special photos and information about the family to grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends.
It’s easy to upload a photo and add your own text to a special Christmas card.

Do you already know what photo is going into this year’s Christmas card? The majority of families spend quite some time reviewing all the photo options from the past year in order to find the perfect photo to share with their family and friends. Of course there’s also those at the other end of the spectrum, who spend a ton of time scrounging to find a decent photo of the whole clan that everyone approves. Regardless of how picky everyone is, once you make it through the photo selection process, to move through the rest of the project with ease

First, gather all of your photos that you want to share, next, choose captions or information to share on your holiday cards. Finally, upload your photos, add your text, and order your cards! It’s that easy!

Choose from thousands of professionally designed card themes then personalize it to your heart’s content. They have colorful, rustic, modern, traditional holiday themes, or year in review themes. Use the Quick Card Editor and order your address labels the site to save you even more time. Before you know it you’ll realize all you have left to do is to write the cards and mail them!


In addition you can also create photo cards with peaceful holiday scenes, new baby holiday cards, couples cards, collages, and more.  You can view the entire collection of cards available to personalize 

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