How to Crochet the Free Christmas Wreath Ornament Pattern

Easy to Crochet Christmas Wreath Ornament Pattern

Easy to Crochet Wreath OrnamentEasy to Crochet Wreath Ornament
Crochet Christmas Wreath Ornament Pattern
Crochet a quick and easy Christmas wreath ornament with just a few quick stitches. This Christmas wreath is easy to crochet by just crocheting a spiral, connect it into a circle and attaching a few decorative ribbons or beads to it!
Fast and easy to crochet! Make great gifts or accessories to attached to gifts!
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Materials Needed

Green Yarn – Worsted Weight Size 4 (cotton yarn can also be used for a different style or size wreath)
Red Yarn to Crochet a Bow or add decorations
Size H Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle to Sew Wreath Together
Option – Beads or other accessories to decorate your wreath.
Re-Spun Bonus Bundle® Yarn

Crochet Instructions for Wreath Ornament

Easy Crochet Wreath Ornament
Easy Crochet Wreath Ornament
Crochet Ornament
With Size H Crochet Hook and Green Yarn Ch 31 Across – Turn
Easy to Crochet Wreath Ornament

In first chain from hook, DC three time in same chain space. 

Crochet Christmas Wreath
In Next Chain Space DC three times in same ch space.
Crochet Wreath
Continue to crochet 3 DC in each ch space all the way across.  You will notice that your crochet will begin to curl.
Christmas crochetChristmas crochet
Before cutting yarn leave a long enough tail in order to connect your spiral end to end in order to make a circle (wreath)
Christmas crochet wreath
Arrange your wreath in a circle and make sure that all of the twists are even. 

to sew each end of the spiral together.

Crochet Christmas Wreath
Be careful that your wreath is twisted correctly before sewing together.
Christmas wreath
Christmas wreath
You can easily use additional yarn to make a hanging string for your ornament.  If you prefer you can detach the additional yarn and crochet a hanger in a different color.  Hanging piece is single crochet (make it as long as you prefer).
Christmas Wreath ornament
Add decorative ribbon or crochet your own. You can also add beads, sequins, or other accessories to your wreaths.
Crochet Christmas Wreath



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