Dollar Store Crochet Crafts for Fall Free Crochet Leaves Swag Pattern

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Learn How to Make this Crochet leaf and add it with some dollar store maple leaves to make a quick and easy crochet decoration for fall!

 Materials Used:

Size H Crochet Hook 
Find a free pattern that you like to crochet maples leaves or use one of my free suggestions below.  Crochet a leaf or two or three.  Wrap yarn around the stems of dollar store maple leaves to hold them together or crochet them together.  The yarn wrapped around the stems will help you attach your crochet leaf to the faux leaves.  Crochet your leaf or leaves and add them to the dollar store leaves.  Add a hook or crochet a loop to hang it in places.

WWYF 180x150

Free Crochet Leaf Patterns
Fall Leaves Free Crochet Pattern-10
Fall Maple Leaves from the Painted Hinge I made my leaf based of of this free crochet pattern. While the pattern was easy enough for me starting off I did have some difficulty with the points of the leaf so I modified mine a bit to fit my project.  

20 Free Fall Crochet Leave Patterns

Crochet patterns for fall and Autumn
Crochet World Fall – Has lots of Autumn Crochet Projects

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