Now you Can Crochet Anywhere with these Light Up Crochet Hooks

Crochet Lite Hooks can Make it Easier to Crochet with Dark  Colors of Yarn, in Dark Places or with Vision Issues

Crochet Lite Hook Size I
Now it’s easy to crochet just about anywhere with the great light hooks!  You can even crochet in the dark with the simple on/off switch.
Batteries are included
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These hooks are perfect for people with vision issues or crochet with darker colors of yarn. It makes it easier to see your yarn.
The hooks fit nicely in your hand and make it a great way to crochet!
These crochet hooks will be a life saver on your eyes.  Keep your eyes healthy and continue to crochet with these great light up crochet hooks.
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More Helpful Crochet Tools

Digital Row Counter
Traditional row counters are manual and attach to the needle or hook, this counter can slide onto your finger so you’ll never forget to mark that last row! Keeps track even if you put your project away – one tap of the big button restores the number count from your last row. Large number read out. Convenient for wearing on finger. Flexible and adjustable. 2 year life replaceable battery.

Clover Yarn Threader
Locking Stitch Ring Markers
Rose Gold Folding Scissors 2/pkg.


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