Crochet and Knitting Review of Leisure Arts Baby Patterns

Crochet and Knitting a Review Color-Block Baby Blankets, Busy Baby Boxes, Infant Boots and Hats and Knit Ice Cream  Baby Afghans

Crochet Baby blankets, busy baby boxes, infant boots and hats and knit ice cream afghans review
Leisure Arts has provided me with these wonderful baby books to review in exchange for posting this blog post. affiliate links
Crocheting items for baby is one of my favorite is an easy way to make a gift for a new little one.  I crochet baby blankets all of the time to either give as gifts or keep them around for the kids because sometimes they just like to have a small blanket around. Whether you knit or crochet these Leisure Arts books are a great way to find the perfect pattern for you to create.  Here’s are a list of the books that I was provided to review. The Books include Crochet Color-Block Baby Blankets, Crochet Infant Boots and Hats, Crochet Busy Baby Boxes and Knit Ice Cream Baby Afghan Patterns. Now the hard part which pattern to choose to crochet or knit next???
Crochet and Knitting patterns to make for Baby

Crochet Color-Block Baby Blankets

Crochet Color-Block Baby Blanket PatternsCrochet Baby Blankets with Block PatternsCrochet Baby Blankets with Block Patterns
These colorful baby blankets are designed to be placed in a cheery nursery setting. There are six crochet designs in this book that features a mix of motifs, stripes, and other patterns that you can easily crochet using worsted weight yarn. 
The Nine-Color Combo Pattern shown below is easy enough for a beginner to crochet and features all your favorite baby colors. Crochet this one using rainbow colors, a variety of purple, greens, blues or pinks, or just use up your scrap yarn to crochet.  This beautiful afghan is one you will want to make for baby and maybe even a larger size for yourself!

Colorful Subway Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

An easy pattern to crochet using medium weight yarn. Finished size is 30″ x 38-1/2″ the pattern has a solid stripe along with colorful stripes. 


Fun Stripes Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern that is Easy to Crochet!
Bursting with color this motif afghan will be a beautiful addition to any nursery. 
Baby will love this easy to crochet striped afghan made with a variety of colors and an interesting pattern.
An easy granny square pattern with colorful changes in the yarn to match a baby’s room!

Crochet Busy Baby Boxes 

Busy Baby boxes features 2 Activity cubes to crochet along with moveable pieces that are soft and safe for baby to play with.
Crochet Activity boxes for baby pattern
Baby activity boxes are a fun way to stimulate a baby’s mind. The crocheted soft toy features two crochet cubes that feature six scenes and lots of of tiny pockets to hole finger puppets and more items that you can crochet with these fun patterns! The patterns include a farm activity box with all of the animals and a fairy princess box that features a fairy princess castle, a moonlit forest, a giant mushroom, a unicorn, a pocket holding a star wand rattle, and a mirror frame; finger puppets are a fairy princess, nature fairy, sleepy fairy, and an owl. These fun activity boxes will provide hours of entertainment for a little one!
crochet baby toys
6 Charming Sets to Crochet
Crochet patterns for infant boots and hats
The 12 Crochet designs (6 charming sets )that fill the pages of Crochet Infant Boots and Hats are all easy to crochet and will have you making a set in every color for a new infant. How can you go wrong with patterns like Casual Boots and Hat set, Casual Loafers and Hat, High-Top Moccasins and Hat, Lacy Cuff Boots and Hat, High-Top Sneakers and Hat, and Sporty Sneakers and Hat. Each pattern is given in two sizes: Small (2 inches wide by 3 inches long) and Medium (2 by 3.5 inches) and the hat pattern is given in one size to fit a 16” head circumference.
crochet baby sets
Ice Cream Baby Afghans from Leisure Arts presents nine modern baby blankets to knit using Lion Brand® Ice Cream® light weight yarn.
Knit Baby Afghan using Lion Brand Ice Cream Yarn
The 9 Baby afghans that you can easily knit in Ice Cream Baby Afghans  work up beautifully when used with Lion Brand Ice Cream Yarn . You won’t believe the beautiful designs that can be knitted with these patterns. The interesting patterns include beginner to Easy-Plus skill levels, designs include Log Cabin, Four Square, Triangles Squared, Hexagon, Mitered Squares, Right Angles, Simple Diagonal, Round Ruffled, and Happy Valley.
We love the way the patterns look with this unique light weight yarn. 
The yarn is self-striping that blend in to make unique designs and color combinations. Plus the yarn is easy to work with and can be machine washed and dried. 


knit baby afghans
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