Six Reasons How to Enjoy the First Bake-for-Frozen Breads, Pastries and Pasta at Home

How to Enjoy Fresh Bread and Pasta at Home

How to Make Bread Easily at Home!

An easy way to go from the freezer to table in 25 minutes with homemade quality and bread, pasta and pastries to make fresh at home! Here are the six reason you should check out the Bread Subscription Box from Wildgrain and start making your your fresh baked goods without the expense and mess from home!

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Six Reasons to Try Bake-From Frozen Delivery Service

  1. Go from the freezer to the table in 25 minutes – Every item bakes in 25 minutes or less so you can enjoy homemade items with quality whenever you want.

2. Sourdough Benefits without the hard work – Clean ingredients and long fermentation provide health benefits you can’t find at the grocery store.

3. Free Delivery on your schedule – Whether you are moving, traveling, or your freezer is full it’s not a problem. You can reschedule or cancel at anytime!

4. Customer Satisfaction – With over 8000+ 5 star reviews you can find out what others are saying about this service and how happy they are to receive items that they can bake at home!

5. Support Small Bakeries – Enjoy the best from the top bakers and bakeries in the US and support small businesses.

6. 1 Membership = 6 meals donated – For every new Wildgrain member they donate 6 meals to a local food bank.

Bread Subscription Box

How Does Bread Pasta and Pastry Delivery Work?

First get your Wildgrain box with a Free Item for the lifetime of your membership!

Choose the Mixed Box or the Bakery Box here.

Easily Manage your membership from any device or email.

Receive a 4 Day notice before you are ever charged. Check your email for notifications.

Skip or Cancel at anytime! Cancel or skip with just one click.

Six Reasons How You Can Enjoy the First Bake-for-Frozen Breads, Pastries and Pasta at Home

Start Your Membership

Choose the Mixed Box or the Bakery Box

Your Wildgrain Box gets delivered to your door every month.

Store the bread, pasta, and pastries in the freezer. When you are ready cook or bake in under 25 mintues.

Change delivery, frequency, skip or cancel your membership at anytime!

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