9 Crochet Patterns to Make a Pretty Crochet Garden

How to Make a Crochet Garden Filled with Succulents, Cacti and Flowers

How to Make a Crochet Garden Patterns
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You won’t need a green thumb or water for these plants!  Crochet a beautiful garden filled with a variety of plants or make a set of coasters that remind you of a dessert garden. That’s what you will find with the beautiful crochet patterns in Make a Crochet Garden from Leisure Arts.  If you want to make a cactus to put on your desk, or a potholder and dish scrubber for the kitchen, or even a table runner for the dining room filled with flowers. Some of the patterns even have soil that you can crochet for the plants! You can easily add the outdoors inside to any room with these garden crochet patterns.
 Designs include coaster set, dish scrubber, hanging garden, pencil cup holder, pot holder, prickly pear, Saguaro cactus, spiral succulent and a table runner that has many succulents on display. These patterns are easy to crochet and make a unique way to give garden gifts to those who may or may not have a green thumb!

Crochet Plants Patterns and Ideas for the Home

Crochet Coaster Set Pattern Cacti Pattern

The Crochet Coaster Set Pattern features a pretty floral cacti pattern that is easy to crochet with matching coaster holder. Make these using crochet cotton for an easy to wash pattern. Crochet the coasters and planter with the patterns in Make a Crochet Garden.

Crochet a Hanging Garden with Planter Pattern
Here’s a way to crochet a hanging garden with planter, pot, and hanger. The pattern are easy to crochet using medium weight yarn. You crochet the planter, the soil, and Aloe Vera Plant in different sizes, a spiral succulent, a round cactus, a yellow flower, and a long strand, and short strand of a string of pearls. This pattern makes a great looking item in a home kitchen, by a area where you have always wanted a plant but it’s not a good spot for one or just to decorate and add to your home.  The patterns are are easy to crochet in the Make a Crochet Garden Pattern Book.
Crochet Pattern Cactus Pencil Cup Holder
The adorable pencil cup holder crochet pattern is perfect for a teacher, student or to place on your desk at home or work!  The pattern is easy to crochet using Medium Weight Yarn and is crocheted in the shape of a cactus. Use it to hold pens, pencils, or even your crochet hooks!  This is a fun way to display your items in a creative way. The easy to crochet pattern is just one of many found in the Make a Crochet Garden Pattern Book!
Crochet Cactus Potholder Pattern Kitchen Crochet Patterns
The easy to crochet Cactus potholder pattern is a cactus pattern for kitchens that love the southwest designs. The pattern can be crocheted using a cotton or medium weight yarn that can be used with heat. The pretty pattern features a cactus in a planter and has a peach color flower at the top of the plant. This is a fun item to add to your kitchen decor and can be found in Make a Crochet Garden Crochet Pattern Book.
Crochet Prickly Pair Cactus Pattern Southwest garden patterns
Crochet a prickly pair cactus pattern finished size 10-1/2″ . This prickly pair features a plant in a pot with a yellow flower. It’s the perfect plant for any room or office. You can create this pattern using medium weight yarn and make the planter bottom in any color to match your room decor. The crochet pattern can be found in Make a Crochet Garden Patterns.


Crochet Saguaro Cactus Crochet Pattern – this easy to crochet pattern for a small cactus, medium cactus and large cactus with flower and planter is a great addition to your home decor and best of all there is no additional care needed for the plant. You crochet the soil, planter and the cactus and use your favorite southwest colors for the planter to fill your room with a new plant just one that makes it no mess, no fuss to take care of! This fun plant along with others is featured in the Make a Crochet Garden Crochet Pattern Book!
Crochet Spiral Succulent Crochet Garden Plant Patterns
Crochet a Pretty Spiral Succulent with a planter botton. The pattern includes planter bottom to crochet, Spiral Succulent and Large Spiral Succulent along with the soil to crochet for the plants to live in. These patterns are available in Make a Crochet Garden Pattern Book.
Crochet a Floral Garden Table Runner Crochet Pattern

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If you need the perfect floral garden table runner for your table take a look at this beautiful pattern! Make the flowers in the colors you want to match your dining table and create a stunning table runner for your dinner guests to admire. The finished size for this easy to crochet pattern is 11-1/4″ wide x 66″ long. Find the pattern along with other easy to crochet patterns in the Make a Crochet Garden Book.




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