Saturday, November 15, 2014

Crochet a car seat blanket or take-along cover for baby patterns

Keep your little ones warm and cozy when you crochet a car seat cover or blanket and for infants crochet a take a long cover to keep their car seat under a blanket and protect them from the elements.

Reversible Car Seat Cover - Electronic Download
A car seat blanket is great for keeping a baby’s little legs and feet warm while on the go. They are quick and easy to crochet and can be made larger or smaller depending on your need. Any color will do but be sure to use soft baby yarn to keep a baby comfortable and make it easy to wash.
Crochet a take a long cover for baby is used to shield your baby from the elements and is crocheted with a hook and loop design in order to make it easy to attach to your car seat. If you decide to leave off the hooks it becomes more of a blanket design than a car seat cover.
There are many patterns available for baby car seat blankets and covers. Most require you to use a medium-weight yarn. Because these will be an on the go blanket it’s best to select a yarn that is easy to care for and wash since it will be in an out of bad weather.
Here are some free crochet car seat blankets and covers…

More Patterns
Download this Free Pattern

Basic Car Seat Tent by AngelRoseLite | Crocheting Pattern

Take-Along Covers – Electronic Download - Each of these three covers include a crocheted loop with hook-and-loop tape sewn on, making it easy to attach to the handle of your car seat. Or you can leave off the loops for a crocheted baby blanket.
Take-Along Blankets – Printed version or Electronic Download - Crochet one or all 3 of these baby blankets that fit perfectly over a standard car seat
Car Seat Blankets - Keep Baby warm when you are on the go!8 blankets are all easy to crochet and can be made large or small simply by choosing a lightweight or medium weight yarn and changing hook sizes.

Take-Along Blankets - Electronic Download Take-Along Blankets - Electronic Download
Crochet one or all 3 of these baby blankets that fit perfectly over a standard car seat.Each crochet car seat blanket pattern has two openings that will easily allow the top and bottom straps to fit through and ensure they stay on, also making them easy to take off quickly. Baby blanket designs include a griddle stitch using worsted weight yarn, cross-stitch using chunky weight yarn and a shell and V-stitch using DK weight yarn.

Crochet Car Seat Blankets eBook

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