The Best Chunky Yarn for Arm Knitting and Crochet Projects

The Perfect Yarn for Arm Knitting and Crochet Projects 2.2lbs Chunky Cotton Yarn  for DIY Handmade Blankets

Yarn for Arm Knitting
A soft chunky cotton yarn to crochet and knit your large blankets, bowls, pillows and more! Perfect for rug making, weaving and tapestry. Great to use with just your hands to make the perfect cozy blanket quickly. Durable and pet-friendly.
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Colors include: Pink, Light Grey, Beige and Dark Grey

Chunky vegan yarn. It’s easy to use, holds its shape well, and can be cleaned in a washing machine.

Great chunky Braid Cotton Yarn and can be used comfortably all year long; lightweight, super fluffy. 
Super chunky and is a great yarn for chunky knit throw blankets and pet beds!

How much yarn do I need to knit the blanket?

Blanket 20X32 inches – 1kg=2.2LB
Blanket 30X50 inches – 2kg=4.4LB
Blanket 48X48 inches – 3kg=6.6LB
Blanket 35X54 inches – 3kg=6.6LB
Blanket 43X67 inches – 4kg=8.8LB
Blanket 40X86 inches – 5kg=11LB
Blanket 55X74 inches – 6kg=13.2LB
Blanket 64X80 inches – 7kg=15.4LB 




Chunky Yarn




Large Chunky Yarn
thick chunky yarn
Lots of handmade projects to make using this yarn.
Arm knit projectsMachine washable


Arm knit a blanketYarn
How much yarn is needed




Arm Knit Rug Download the Free pattern (scroll down on page for pattern)

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