How to Wash your Hands with Softsoap Pure Foaming Soap and Save

I was excited to try out the Softsoap Pure Foaming Hand Soap since it is free of dyes and alcohol free, along with a pleasant scent to it.
Softsoap Pure Foaming Hand Soap is the perfect soap for getting your hands clean without any added dyes or alcohol.  I have always used Softsoap for washing my hands and with the added benefit of Softsoap in a foaming brand it’s even better!  According to the manufacturer Softsoap Pure Foaming Hand Soap is a simple formula that is dye free, alcohol free, has 100% natural fragrance, and effectively cleans and purifies.  You can enjoy this soap in Fresh and Lemongrass scent.  

Foaming soap is great for cleaning hands because you can use just one pump to effectively wash your hand.  It lathers up quickly with a rich lather, is gentle on your hands and rinses off well leaving hands clean.   Both the Fresh and the Lemongrass have a light scent but it’s not overwhelming and I really liked it.  Plus be hypoallergenic the soap is gentle on my sensitive hands.
It’s also a great soap for when the kids or family come to visit because of it being dye free and a foaming soap the little ones are less likely to make a mess when they wash their hands. They also like the foaming soap better to wash with it just seems more fun to squirt it out of the bottle.  
Softsoap Pure is a clear soap which can easily be placed in the kitchen, bathroom or even in the shower.  I like the idea of using this soap during the gardening season when I come in from outdoor and have dirty hands.  Even though I wear garden gloves they don’t alway protect 100%.  I can easily just squirt one pump of the Softsoap Pure foaming soap on my hands without worrying about the soap going everywhere else.
Another great thing is that when you are through washing
your hands there is no messy film residue left behind in your sink.  Since I have a white bathroom sink this makes it a big plus in my book. 
The fragrance in enjoyable and not powerful just a light scent and the best thing is my hands are clean.

In addition as a crafter I can easily be washing my hands several times a day while creating a project.  The Softsoap Foaming brand is gentle enough to use on a regular basis and does not dry out my skin.  It comes in a 8 fl. oz bottle and because with the Softsoap foaming soap a little goes a long way because you don’t need to pump as much as liquid soap.
You can purchase Softsoap Pure Foaming soap in Lemongrass or Fresh scent at the following stores:
Available at mass retail, drug and grocery stores.
View the Price or buy online at 
It retails for around $2.50 but you can shop around and find it for less.


I was given Softsoap Pure Foaming Soap to Review by Colgate-Palmolive for review purposes.  The opinions are purely my own. 



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