How to Make Safe Kids Slime at Home

Leisure Arts Slimed DIY Book

Kids Slime making has been around for years but recently has been rediscovered and kids around the country are making all sorts of fun slime to play with.  To make a safe slime be sure to use the right materials like the recipes available in the Slimed DIY Book filled with great ideas. 

Kids slime is always made using glue and other items found around the house. Once you have the basic slime recipe you can add additional items to your slime to make fluffy slime, glitter slime, colored slime and more. 

 Fluffy slime is done by adding shaving cream or hand foaming soap. Colored slimed is created by adding food coloring, liquid paints or other safe coloring ingredients.  The Slimed DIY book offers many different ways to create slime using laundry detergent or liquid starch. You can also Google or look on YouTube for Free ideas on making slime but be careful to use ingredients that are safe for the kids.
How to Make Kid Safe Slime at Home
The Basic Ingredients for Safe Slime are
Liquid glue
Shaving cream or liquid foaming soap
Eyewash or eye drops
Baking soda 
Food color or Acrylic Paint
It’s also a good idea to pick up items at the Dollar store such as gloves, craft aprons and place a plastic tablecloth over the table to protect the surface. 
You can also use the laundry detergent method as described in the book Slimed DIY
Providing awesome entertainment for kids, Slimed DIY from Leisure Arts is a simple guide to making slime at home. It includes a basic slime recipe plus nine fun variations: Clear, Color Changing (temperature sensitive), Fluffy, Glitter Glue, Glitter, Gold (metallic), Magnetic, Starry Night (black with glitter and star sequins), and Winter (icy blue with snowy mini beads). All slime recipes contain glue (white or clear school or general purpose glue) and an activator (liquid starch, which is available near the laundry detergent). The variations are created by using coloring agents (such as liquid food coloring, paste food coloring, or acrylic paint) and add-ins (glitter, buttons, beads, gemstones, sequins, and other items).

Here is How to Make Easy Kids Slime
  1. Squirt glue into bowl.
  2. Add 1-2 drops of food coloring. Mix well with spoon.
  3. Add glitter. Mix well with spoon.
  4. Slowly add in the liquid starch a little at a time. Stir as you go to make sure it mixes in well. Don’t rush!
  5. Start to knead the slime as the consistency thickens.
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