How to Knit for Your Pets – Knitting Patterns for Pets

Leisure Arts Knits For Pets Book
Leisure Arts Knits For Pets Book

Knitting Patterns for Pets

Our pets are part of our family and as knitters we want to be able to share and create comfortable toys, sweaters, and beds for them. Cats and Dogs will enjoy the soft feel of yarn on their skin or to play with as one of their favorite toys. There are many ideas out there for knitting for our pets including pet beds to knit, sweaters to knit for dogs, and all sorts of toys to knit for dogs and cats.

Learn how to knit a dog sweater from taking the right measurements for the dog to finding items that you can easily knit for your cat. Learn the joy of knitting for your pets. 
With all sorts of pets in your home, whether you have cats or dogs they will love knitted toys.

12 Fun Designs in Knit for Pets

Knitted Toys for Pets

When considering knitting toys for pets, safety is a big concern. While cats and dogs love to play with toys, they will tear them apart some toys.  It’s probably okay for cats to play with knitted toys like the ones you find in the book Knit for Pets.  But if you want to be safer you can use felt to create toys for your pets. One way to create safe knitted toys is to use a tight stitch and make sure there are no loose yarn pieces. 

Learn How to Knit for Pets

Knitting Patterns for Pets – Knitting Pet Beds

Do you notice that whenever you leave your yarn or knitting projects laying around that you discover your pet curled up in them? This goes for both cats and dogs who seem to enjoy the warmth of coziness of the yarn. When choosing a yarn to knit a pet bed look for a soft yarn that is durable. You can use a Red Heart or Bernat yarn and add a mat to the bottom of the bed to knit around.  Just be sure to wash the yarn to and add fabric softener to the wash to make it less scratchy for your pets. A simple garter stitch works great for knitting a pet bed.  There are lots of pet beds that you can knit including ones that you can find in Knits for Pets and online at places like Raverly and other pattern sites. 

Knit for Pets Paperback


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Dog Sweater Knitting Patterns

Dogs come in many sizes so before you begin knitting your sweater for your pet you will need to measure them in order to get the right fit.  Measure your dog accordingly in order to custom fit your dog for the sweater pattern. You dog may not enjoy being measure so be sure to have a few treats on hand to get the to cooperate. Here are the five key measurements that you will need in order to get the proper fit for your pooch.
Learn how to take knitting measurements for your dog's sweater pattern. Image from Dogs in Knits by Judith L. Swartz.
Photo from Dogs in Knits by Judith L Swartz
  1. Length: Measure down the center back of your dog, from just below the collar to just above the base of the tail. Sweaters can be shorter than this length, depending on style, but never longer.
  2. Neck Circumference: Measure around your dog’s neck, just below the collar. Add about one inch (2.5 cm) for ease. The next two measurements will help determine correct placement of leg openings.

  3. Width Between Front Legs:
     Measure between the front legs at the tops of the legs (where the front legs meet the body). No additional ease is necessary with this measurement.
  4. Length from Neck to Leg Openings: Measure at center front, straight down from neck to top of front legs. No additional ease is necessary with this measurement.
  5. Chest Circumference: Measure around the widest part, generally just behind the front legs. Depending on the desired fit of the sweater (close fitting, loose fitting, or oversized) add from one to five inches of ease.
—Excerpted from Judith L. Swartz, Dogs in Knits.

Recommend Pet Knitting Patterns:

Knits for Pets:    Indulge your dogs and cats with soft knits for snuggling, playing, or looking cute. Choose from 12 fun designs in Knits for Pets from Leisure Arts. Projects include Cat Cave (15-inch high Shark with 18-inch diameter cushion), Dog’s Toy Ball (in small, medium, and large sizes), Cat’s Toy Fish, Stocking Stuffer (Santa coat), Trendy Turtleneck, A Walk in the Park, White Wrap, Blanket (in three sizes), and Bandana (in three sizes, for necks 8 to 24 inches). Designed by Sarah J. Green and Shelle Hendrix, the projects are knitted using Beginner to Easy skill levels and a variety of yarn weights, from medium to super bulky. All garment instructions are given in four sizes, for chests 12 to 24 inches.
Keep your canine companions warm this winter in their very own wardrobes of knit coats! Special instructions are included on sizing each jacket or sweater to fit dogs measuring 10 to 30 in the chest.

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