How to Crochet Poufs, Floor Pillows, and Ottomans

Large, jumbo floor pillows, Ottomans, and Poufs are a comfortable item to add to your home decor. Poufs, Pillows and Ottomans can easily be crocheted by using a bulky, thick yarn and using your own design or the patterns in Crochet Poufs and Pillows to make comfy, cozy items for your home. By using the thick, bulky yarn you can easily finish these projects faster than you would expect. The level of skill needed for this type of project is easy. They are easy to stuff, just use old pillows, blankets or other items for stuffing. 
How to Crochet Poufs, Floor Pillows and Ottomans for your Home
Create a beautiful ottoman for your home, a large comfortable pillow or even a large floor pillow to lounge around on or have the kids lay on for naps and watching television.
For true comfort crochet, accent your home with the newest decorator trend. Poufs and Pillows from Leisure Arts presents four sets of jumbo pillows and ottomans like those seen in stylish designer showrooms. Super bulky and jumbo weight yarns let you finish these impressive projects faster than you’d expect. Skill level for all is Easy, and recycling fans will love being able to stuff them with old blankets and other smart options. Four beautifully textured sets by Ashley Leither include Triangles Pillow and Floor Pillow, African Flower Pillow and Pouf, Post Stitch Pillow and Pouf, and Columns Pillow and Pouf.

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