How to Attract Birds and Butterflies to Your Yard with Plants and Flowers

This is a photo of our backyard patio from a few years ago.  We planted several types of flowers in our yard and each year we change them to attract different birds, bees and butterflies.  Besides bird feeders there are several different ways to have birds come in and out of your garden through out the year.  The first way is to provide clean water in a bird bath placed around your garden plants.  This is especially true in the spring and summer when there may not be enough rain or water around for the birds to find.  Locate your bird bath in an area of your yard where it is easy to maintain and you will be able to enjoy it.  We now have our bird bath located around a few small shrubs near the Crabapple tree.  


As for what to plant to attract a variety of birds and butterflies this is fairly easy.  The butterflies seem to like our Zinnias and Cone Flowers as well as Asters, Bee Balm, Butterfly Bush and several others.  The Hummingbirds like things like fast growing Salvia and also Trumpet Creepers. 
When you walk through your local garden center you will be able to view different plants and find what works well for your garden.  We have a small Crabapple tree that the birds like to pick the fruit and insects from.  It’s near the bird bath so we can watch all sorts of birds while sitting on our patio.
It doesn’t matter if you have a small or big yard you can easily turn your yard into a sanctuary for birds, bees and butterflies.  Here are some more ideas for attracting birds and butterflies to your yard.
Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush
Brilliant Blooms that Attract Butterflies Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush is an ornamental shrub with particular allure to butterflies.  Plant one near a path or patio where its vivid color and enticing fragrance is sure to delight you throughout the summer.
Butterfly Daisy
The Daisy Butterfly, ‘Argyranthemum frutescens’, is a fantastic release from Proven Winners. The Daisy ‘Butterfly’ is a heat-tolerant marguerite Daisy with oomph. ‘Butterfly’ produces canary-yellow flowers throughout the summer ­ even without  Read More…
Small birds will enjoy taking a bath while the big birds will like taking a drink out of this bird bath. This one is easy to clean which is important when it comes to bird baths. Strong enough so that the critters can’t tip it over.  When choosing a solar bird bath be sure to keep it in the sun so it will illuminate in the evening.
Fiber Clay Bird BathBurley Clay Summer Cardinal Bird BathChatsworth Two-Tier Solar On-Demand Fountain
Here is a photo of the Small Crab apple tree we have in our backyard. The birds love this tree for bugs and the small fruit on it. We keep it trimmed in order for it to stay small and not over power our yard.
View information on the Red Jewel Crabapple is a spring showstopper!  Petite blossoms envelop the small tree in white, floral brilliance each and every April or in our case May because of the colder climate.  The fragrance the delicate blossoms emit is a lovely lure to your lawn’s pollinators and will repeatedly draw you in for a closer look. 
Alcott Hill Sleeper Garden Gnome Statue
Adding decorative items to your garden make it fun for you and your visitors.

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Three Posts Marathon Conversation 4 Piece Seating Group with Cushion
Make sure to create a comfortable place to sit and enjoy your garden with family and friends.


Aster Plants are a definite attraction for birds and butterflies 
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