Fast and Easy Dollar Store Halloween Party Cups Decorating Ideas

Halloween Party Cups
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Get the kids ready for their Halloween party by making your own Halloween party cups. All you need are a couple of things from the Dollar Tree store and a little imagination to make a few easy, inexpensive and no mess Halloween cups for your party or just have the kids make to have a little fun crafting time!
What do you need to make these Halloween Party Cups?
 Black, Red, Green, White, Gray, Pink, Orange or any color you choose


Have the kids pick out their favorite cup and use markers and stickers to decorate them in a Halloween theme. They can add pumpkin stickers, witches, black cats, and all sorts of items. Plus they can also use markers to color on the disposable cups.  If you decide to use plastic cups make sure to get stickers that can be removed.  This can also be done for birthday parties that you want to create a specific theme for but are unable to find cups for the party theme. What could be easier than creating your own theme party? You can also add stickers to Dollar Tree Pumpkins and have the kids decorate them. 
We used both disposable cups and plastic cups for our stickers. 

There are so many different craft ideas and Halloween decorations available at your local Dollar Tree store but of course if you can’t find what you are looking for you can easily shop for the items online and have them shipped to your local store for free or shipped to your home if you prefer.  Don’t forget about your fall decorations also currently available!

You can also use 

Bulk Carvable Foam Pumpkins, 4.5 in.

 Dollar Store Crochet Wreath

Dollar Store Crochet Wreath

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