Easy to Sew Backpack for Back to School Sewing Pattern

Sewing Pattern for a backpack

Sewing a Backpack

Here’s creative idea for a great backpack to use for school or everyday use! This backpack has plenty of room and multiple pockets for use as a school bag, every day bag, or baby gear knapsack. The top of the backpack secures with a zipper and opens wide thanks to the hidden metal frames.

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Backpack Sewing Pattern

Backpack Sewing Pattern

Chickadee Backpack Sewing Pattern

The pdf pattern includes 16 pages of sewing instructions, complete with 50 step-by-step color photos.

Finished Size: 12” long x 15” tall x 5” deep (30cm x 38cm x 13cm)

Clear and Easy to understand pattern instructions.

Learn more about sewing a backpack or bag and find the pattern that is right for you. Download sewing patterns for backpacks, bags and diaper bags here –>

A backpack that is handmade can be easily customized to the child’s needs. Whether they need a smaller backpack or larger one. In addition, you can choose the fabric so they can have one in their favorite color, comic book hero, princess, cartoon character, sports, or anything they enjoy! Make this sewing project strong enough for the kids to carry back and forth to school or for every use for someone that needs a new backpack!

Have them select the perfect fabric for their backpack. Be sure to read the reviews for additional ideas and details on what others have done when sewing their own backpack. You can discover reviews and more here.

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