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eBook Ripple Afghans: Best of Mary Maxim Crochet Patterns

The Best of Mary Maxim Ripple Afghans – Ripple blankets or afghans are a great way to explore color and create a beautiful gift for someone.  These incredible ripples would be perfect in any color of yarn you choose. Make one for a sports fan, a new baby, a gift for mom or dad, for the new college student to take with them in the fall.  You’ll have 10 different designs to choose from when you download or get the paperback version of Mary Maxim’s Ripple Afghans patterns.
Energize your decor with vibrant classic ripples from Mary Maxim. You’ll become a master of ripple afghans with this collection 
of 10 beginner to intermediate patterns to crochet.

10 Designs to make using medium or sport weight yarns: To the Point Throw, Optic Waves Throw, Autumn Waves Throw, Rippled Lace Throw, Bands of Lace Ripple, Ocean Breeze Afghan, Rise and Fall Throw, Home for the Weekend Throw, Lace Delight Throw, and Rippled Afghan.
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