How to Bind Your Own Photo Albums, Journals, Scrapbooks, and More

How to Bind Your Own Photo Albums

We R Makers Thermal Cinch Binding Machine

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It’s super easy now to bind your own photo albums, journals, scrapbooks, and more with this We R Makers Thermal Cinch Binding Machine!  Create beautiful book bindings and make your own books with a little imagination and some of these creative tools.

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The Binding Machine allows you create thermal books in just minutes. This 6-piece set includes what you need to create beautiful book-like bindings. With its heat seal binding method, it effortlessly transforms your projects into professional-looking bound masterpieces. The machine also allows you to bind multiple books at once, saving you time and effort. The set includes the binding machine, three different colored spines (teal, pink, and brown), a clip to hold your pages, and instructions. Add this amazing machine to your craft room today and make your projects truly stand out.

Description and What You Get with the Machine



  • Machine: L: 14.5” W: 3 ⅛” H: 7 ⅝”
  • Binding Spines: 1.88″ x 12″ x 0.25″


  • Creates beautiful book-like bindings.
  • Can bind multiple books at once.
  • Max book size: L: 12” W: 1.4”
  • Binding spines will bind 50 sheets of copy paper or 25 sheets of cardstock.

How to Use the Binding Machine to Make Books

We R Makers Thermal Binding Machine
  1. Select a binding color and trim to a length you would like. 
  2. Put the paper into the binding spine, peel off both adhesive liners, and adhere the front and back cover to the adhesive.
  3. Insert any accessories like the Thermal Cinch Collection Bookmarks (sold separately) by adhering them to the internal pages with adhesive. Make sure to clip the main part of the bookmark away from the spine. 
  4. Plug in the Binding Machine and flip the power switch to the on position. The light on the front part of the machine will stop blinking and beep when the machine is heated up and ready for you to create your binding!
  5. Place your pages with binding in the machine and press the timer.
  6. The light will stop blinking when the binding is ready and bound (approx. 2 min).
  7. Remove your creation from the machine and let cool next to the machine in the slot the machine cover creates. This will take about 5 min or until the binding is cool. 

Accessories and Tools for the Binding Machine

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