How to Crochet 6 Easy Crochet Patterns to Make Fun Rugs for Kids to Decorate Kids Play Areas and Bedrooms

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6 Easy Crochet Patterns to Make Fun Rugs for Kids to Decorate Kids Play Areas and Bedrooms

6 Easy and Adorable Projects
I received this pattern book from Leisure Arts to Review.  Affiliate links are included in the post.
When I received my copy of Crochet Rugs for Kids, I immediately wanted to crochet one of the 6 patterns included in this fun pattern book!
Crochet Rug Patterns for Kids6 Crochet Rug Patterns for Kids
In Crochet Rugs for Kids are patterns for an Owl Rug to Crochet, a Cow Rug pattern, a Penguin Rug Pattern, a Racetrack crochet pattern, a Rocket rug crochet pattern and a Unicorn Crochet Pattern.
Crochet Rugs for Kids Owl Rug pattern, Racetrack pattern and more
Crocheted rugs are perfect for play areas and bedrooms, soft crochet rugs make a room fun to play in when you add additional accessories for a bedroom. Each pattern is easy to crochet and can be made using worsted weight yarn.

Easy to Read Instructions


Crochet an Owl Rug Pattern in Easy to Crochet rug patterns
The pattern book provides the crocheter with a shopping list to provide you with information on what type of yarn and how much you will need for each project. Plus what size crochet hook, additional supplies, gauge information and a stitch guide. Detailed instructions show you how to make each motif or crochet each row, how to finish and trim each pattern. Plus in the bottom corner of each page is a symbol of an owl, unicorn, penguin feet, etc. to let you know what pattern that you are viewing.
You can easily crochet a theme for a room, for example crochet the owl rug pattern for a baby’s room or to re-decorate a little girl’s or boy’s room in your home using their favorite colors.
Crochet Pattern Cow Rug Pattern for Kids RoomsCrochet Penguin Rug Pattern for Kids bedroomCrochet Kids Racetrack Rug Pattern
Crochet Rugs for Kids includes the easy to crochet cow rug pattern for a cow themed bedroom, a crochet penguin rug for kids to play on or for a bathroom or your bedroom, a racetrack rug to crochet for hours of fun with cars and trucks, a rocket crochet rug for playing on or to create a theme room, and a unicorn rug to enhance or create the perfect room for a little one to enjoy!
Have the kids use their imagination and playtime on these rugs from adding additional toys, cars, trucks, dolls and other toys for hours of playtime!
Crochet an Easy Rocket Rug for a Kids Bedroomn
Crochet rugs using acrylic worsted weight yarn or adapt the patterns to use a sturdy cotton yarn in you prefer. 
I can’t wait to crochet the fun racetrack pattern and the easy to crochet unicorn pattern for the kids to enjoy!
These rugs are easy to crochet and you can make them for a kids play area, bedroom, or as gifts for a baby shower, birthdays or just for fun if you know someone who has a child that loves to play and snuggle up on a comfortable rug!
Crochet a Unicorn Rug Pattern for Kids BedroomCrochet Unicorn Rug patter
All of these crochet patterns are found in the 
Available in Paperback or Digital Download




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