Thursday, September 13, 2018

Crochet a Coat of Many Colors Pattern with a Simple Stitch and Variegated Yarn

 Crochet a Coat of Many Colors Sweater with Hood Pattern

Crochet a Coat of Many Colors Pattern with a Simple Stitch and Variegated Yarn

Using Red Heart Unforgettable Worsted Weight Yarn (approximately 6 to 9 skeins depending on what size you are making) and and a size M/N/13/9mm crochet hook this simple stitch crochet sweater coat pattern is perfect for cooler weather.

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A simple stitch pattern will allow the yarn to do the work and create beautiful colors. The top down construction makes the length of the sweater adjustable.  Crochet the sweater in a longer or shorter length.

In addition you can crochet the sweater with or without the hood if you prefer.

Sizes for this pattern are S, M, L, XL, 2XL

This pattern is also available for download in the Crochet! Autumn 2018 Magazine along with 20+ Crochet patterns. View the issue here...
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Crochet a Coat of Many Colors with Hood
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