Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Fun with the Kids Woodworking Birdhouse Kits

Fun with the Kids Woodworking Birdhouse Kits

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Create memories with the kids and teach them how to construct a birdhouse with easy plans or birdhouse kits. The kids will learn how to use tools, read plans and get creative with their very own birdhouse!
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It's fun for the kids to work with an adult creating a unique birdhouse that they can easily display. Once assembled have the kids decorate the birdhouse with paint, stickers, in their own creative way.
Scroll down for Videos on How to make birdhouses.

A birdhouse kit is an easy way for kids or beginners to start woodworking projects. They also make great gifts for mom, grandparents or friends. Plus, it comes from the heart since they made it. A handmade gift is more special and the kids will enjoy making it!

There are several types of birdhouse kits and bird feeder kits to make from easy to more detailed.  Take a look at some of the kits below to pick out the right birdhouse for your next project!

Toysmith Paint A Birdhouse (Birdhouse paint kit)
Tellon 13
How to Build a Birdhouse | Birdhouse Plans

Fun with the Kids Woodworking Birdhouse Kits

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