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How to Make Stained Glass Lamps

What are Stained Glass Lamps?
Stained glass lamps shades were made famous by Louis Tiffany in the 1900's. Tiffany style lamps shades are still possibly the most popular, and most challenging type of stained glass project. Delphi offers two methods to help your create your first Tiffany style lamp. Odyssey lamp kits use Tacky Wax which allows you to reposition pieces before soldering. Worden uses a simpler silicone and pin method. Other popular methods include panel and mission style lamps, as well as box lanterns. These styles use flat panels soldered together which make it easier for beginner glass artists.
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Step-by-Step: Tiffany Lamps - Odyssey Lamp Kits
1. Each kit contains a 360 degree lampshade mold, instructions and full size pattern.
2. After darkening the engraved pattern lines, use low heat to melt the Tacky Wax. Apply evenly with a bristle brush.
3. Tacky Wax gives you the flexibility to reposition or recut pieces before foiling.
4. Soldering is easier because the mold is unaffected by heat of molten solder.

Step-by-Step: Tiffany Lamps - Worden Lamp System
1. Use silicone to attach the pattern to the reusable mold.
2. Cut glass to pattern size and wrap with copper foil. Use glass head pins to hold glass to the form.
3. Tack solder each piece to every adjacent piece with small mounds of solder.
4. Remove all the pins except the bottom row. Now you are ready to finish soldering!

Step-by-Step: Panel Lamps
1. Layout pattern pieces on glass and score with glass cutter. Break apart scored glass.
2. Foil pieces. Frame pattern with layout blocks and secure glass with pushpins.
3. Flux and solder each panel together.
4. Tape panels together. Tack solder joints at the bottom of the panels.
5. Solder vase cap to top of shade.
6. Solder remaining seams. Clean and polish.

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