10 Best Tips for Affordable Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

10 Budget Friendly Landscaping Ideas for Your Yard


Landscaping can get expensive, but there are ways to select budget friendly plants and inexpensive ideas for making your front (and back) yard look beautiful for the summer.
Front Yard Landscaping ideas
1.  Rearrange and Divide off existing plants – Perennial plants such as Sedum, Hostas, Black-Eyed-Susans, Lilies, and Coneflowers can be divided into several different plants to place in other areas of your yard.  This is a wonderful way to decrease costs and use existing plants from your garden to add flowers and plants into other areas. Dividing plants is fairly easy; start by digging up the entire plant, making sure to keep the root-ball intact. Then carefully split up the roots and stems until you have separated the plant into several chunks. Each group can be re-planted, and should continue to grow if watered and maintained appropriately.


2.  Select Plants with Bright Colors for a Larger Impact – Larger plants with bright colors help fill in space and become a focal point, Look for colors that offset your siding and show up well when approaching your yard. Learn more here. 
3.  Collect Rocks, Bricks and Stones to use as Edging or Landscaping – Instead of purchasing border materials find items that are free. Ask neighbors and friends for any unwanted bricks or stones in their yards. Just be sure that if you are looking for these items in the park or the beach that they allow you to remove or collect them.

4.  Get Ideas from Your Neighbors – Trade clipping of bushes, flowers, plants and other items in order to cut down on expenses. 

5.  Use Kitchen Refused for a Compost – Add nutrients back into your soil by using kitchen waste. It’s fairly easy to compost your fruits and vegetables back into the soil.

6.  Purchase Seeds and Seedlings instead of Full Plants and Trees – Seeds and Seedlings will take a bit longer to grow but are way less expensive and you can start them early on in the spring.


7.  Upcycle and Recycle Old Materials – Make a raised bed garden from a wooden pallet or other wood materials that you have or may be able to receive from others.

8.  Purchase Pots and Planters from the Dollar Store, Used, On Sale, Clearance – There are lots of inexpensive planters and pots available at the Dollar Store, or find used ones at rummage sales, on Clearance or even online.
9.  Save Money on Water by Collecting it in a Rain Barrel – A rain barrel will help lower your water bills and the environment. You can build your own rain or purchase one and install it on your home. 


Rain Wizard 65 Gallon Rain Barrel


10.  Add Lighting with Inexpensive Lighting around your Garden – Adding inexpensive pathway or lighting around your plants will make your garden light up even more during the evening.

Other items that can enhance a yard our garden fountains, statues, garden arbors, planters, containers, garden stones and rocks. Look for inexpensive ways to make your yard stand out without having to spend a lot of money.

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