How to Stencil and Stamp at the Same Time

Sizzix - Making Tool Collection - Stencil and Stamp Tool

Sizzix Stencil and Stamp Tool

Here’s an amazing tool that you can use with your cardmaking or scrapbooking projects. If you enjoy stamping and stenciling, this tool is the only tool that you’ll need to get perfect stamping and stenciling all of the time. View the stamping and stenciling tool…

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A Multi-Function Tool

With the Sizzix Making Tool Stencil and Stamp you can use it for both stenciling and stamping. The advantage to this is that you can reduce the amount of craft tools you have on your workspace because you can stencil and stamp with just this one tool.

This post contains affiliate links

This tool is called the Stencil and Stamp tool by Sizzix. You can learn how to use the Stencil and Stamp tool with the instructional videos found here.

You can also discover additional layered stencils that you can use with the tools available here.

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Stencil and Stamp Tool Details

What could be better than combining stamping and stenciling in one tool? This unique tool will cut down the amount of crafting items you need on your crafting station. You will love the sleek design and the fact that it can be stored flat or upright and will not take up a lot of space. Each time you want to use it, pull it out and get your crafting started! 


  • One platform base in light gray.
  • One clear lid. 
  • One stencil adapter in green with 16 rectangles. 
  • One sticky grid sheet. 
  • One sheet of detailed instructions. 


  • The base measures 9.375″ x 14.25″ x 0.25″. 
  • The cover measures 9.125″ x 13.25″ x 0.125″. 
  • The stencil adapter measures 4.75″ x 4.75″ x 0.125″. 
  • The sticky grid sheet measures 8.25″ x 11.75″. 


  • This Stencil and Stamp Tool is made by Sizzix, which tells you it is going to be a very high-quality, durable product. 
  • This all-in-one stamp and stencil tool is perfect for both stenciling and stamping. 
  • This tool has a sleek design and will look amazing on any crafting station. 
  • The stencil adapter will hold your stencil in place while ink blending and using other mediums (sold separately). 
  • This tool is perfect when using the Sizzix layering stencil sets (sold separately). 
  • The Universal Stencil Converter (sold separately) can be used with all other standard stencils. 
  • The stencil adapter can be removed and you can use the platform and lid for all your stamping needs, using both large and small stamps (sold separately). 
  • By placing your stamp on the lid of the platform, if your stamp does not have adequate ink coverage, you can reapply the ink and restamp your image, not worrying about it being out of line. 
  • The base has a grid to help with the alignment of both your stencils and stamps (both sold separately). 
  • The base is non-slip. 
  • The design lets you store this tool either flat or on its side, taking up very little space. 
  • There is a set of detailed instructions included in the package.

With all these features, what is there not to love about this product? You will love everything about it and it is going to make your crafting life so much easier! There is a wide range of products this tool is compatible with and you know all these products are high quality because they are made by Sizzix! 


  • This Stencil & Stamp Tool is compatible with all Sizzix layered stencils and Sizzix Stamps (sold separately). 
  • This Stencil & Stamp Tool is compatible with the Sizzix Texture Tool which is also sold separately). 
  • This Stencil & Stamp Tool is compatible with the Sizzix Multi-Tool Start Kit (sold separately). 
  • Replacement Sticky Grid Sheets can also be bought separately.  
  • This tool can be used with Universal Stencil Converters (sold separately) for all other standard stencils. 

Are you adding this product to your cart by now? If not, you should. Once you use this amazing tool and see how perfect your projects are looking, you will not be disappointed! You will now look forward to crafting nonstop with all your stencils and stamps and may even recommend this product to a fellow crafter!   

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