Start the Summer of with these Crochet Bikini Patterns

Crochet Basic String Bikini Pattern and Rio Cut Bikini PatternCrochet Pattern for the Basic String Bikini Pattern and the Rio Cut Bikini Pattern

Crochet these bikini for summer or to wear on vacation using a cotton or Omega Mimosa #2 fine-weight yarn

When crocheting swimwear you may want to line the item with a wearable waterproof lining or fabric to make sure that you are covered if you decide to wear the piece in the water.

Pattern includes written instructions for a basic string bikini and a Rio cut bikini.

Uses approximately 2 balls of Yarn to make each piece. Pattern for both swimsuits included.

Size: S — A bra cup x 35-37″ hips; M — B bra cup x 38-40″ hips; L — C bra cup x 41-42″ hips.

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Crochet pattern for a string bikiniCrochet pattern for a Rio Cut Bikini
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