Review of The Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set a Beginners Knitting Loom Guide

Review of the Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set a Beginners Loom Guide
I received the Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set in exchange for my honest review.  The opinion of the product is based on my experience trying it and is honest and completely my own. 
The Leisure Arts Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set is one craft I was excited to check out and try knitting new projects with. Since I crochet and also knit a little bit I thought that this kit would be a fun way to make some new accessories with my yarn stash. When I first received the kit via UPS my husband called me on my way home and said that I had a big package plus we also received our neighbors Amazon box delivered to us in error. (Here I thought I was getting more gifts!)   He walked the box over to the neighbors while as soon as I got home I opened up my box containing the Oval Looms. The looms were larger than I expected them to be which in reality is good because it makes them easier to work with while still being able to make smaller projects such as hats and mittens.
Large Oval Knitting Loom from Leisure ArtsSmall Oval Knitting Loom from Leisure Arts
The Ultimate Oval LoomIn the Oval Loom Knitting Kit box there is one large oval knitting loom containing 70 pegs, one smaller oval knitting loom containing 54 pegs, a 48 page beginners guide with patterns, and a stitching tool.  The age range is suggested for ages 8 and up.  The information I received from Leisure Arts said that the kit allows you to learn the basics of loom knitting while creating fabulous small-gauge projects . The looms are oval shaped for easy handling and let you use the most popular yarns in light or medium weight.  I use worsted weight yarn and it works well for going around the pegs. You can stitch all sorts of projects from hats to mittens and scarves. In addition the book is great for beginners like me who have never used a knitting loom. It’s easy to read and follow and the projects look easy to make.  I just started on the basic stitches and am currently creating a simple hat with the small loom but I can’t wait to get started on projects such as socks and mittens.
Beginners Instructions for the Oval Loom Knitting kitBeginners Guide to using the Oval Loom Knitting Kit plus patterns
The Smaller Loom is Great for making children’s hats and socks or smaller sized items, while the larger oval loom works well for adult sizes. The book starts you out knitting a basic beanie either in a kids size or adult size. It’s the perfect project to start on while learning how to use the oval loom. Casting the stitches on the loom is easy, it’s basically just wrapping the yarn clockwise around a peg, while moving the loom counterclock-clockwise. The book provides clear instructions on how to do this along with great photos to follow along with in order to check your work.
The beginner beanie hat is easy to remove off of the loom once you finish it. Just gather the yarn together and sew it as according to the instruction in the book to give the hat a beanie style look.  I started the hat as shown on the smaller loom with white yarn.  It started out slow as I am used to crochet project but as I made my way around I was able to pick up speed and get the hang of the oval loom.  As I practiced it was easier to go around the loom and create my stitches faster. 
Once you have mastered the basic stitches it’s easy to follow the guide to make other items. The Mitts are worked flat and sewn to form a tube while socks will teach you how to decrease. 
Striped Hat pattern for the Oval Loom Knitting KitFingerless Mittens to make using an Oval Loom

If you get stuck on a project or how to do something with the Oval Knitting Loom Leisure Arts has a Look for the Camera picture in the book that will take you to where you can find technique videos and guides to walk your through stitches and more. 

Project Guide and Instructions for the Oval Loom KnittingFamily socks to make using an Oval Loom

Leisure Arts Loom Circular Set Fine With Hook
This is one of my favorite tools that I have received from Leisure Arts.  It’s easy to use, the book is filled with great information that I can easily follow. The projects look easy and fun to make and will make great gifts upcoming holidays and birthdays. I have always wanted to knit a pair of socks and love the knitted look of hats and other accessories. I can’t wait to finish off my current project with the oval loom and start on new ones.  I have a large variety of yarns to use up in my stock so the Oval Knitting Looms will be great to use the various colors with. 
Learn How to Use and Oval Knitting Loom

The Leisure Arts Oval Knitting Loom Kit is inexpensive, easy to use because of the oval shape and is fun for kids, teens and adults to create beautiful projects with yarn.  You can purchase the
Projects include Basic Beanie, Striped Beanie, Fingerless Mitts, Family Tube Socks, Twisted Garter Hat, Twisted Garter Scarf, and Lace Cowl

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