Reading and Understanding Crochet Patterns Not Just for Beginners

Reading crochet patterns can be tricky with so many different styles and abbreviations, that is where helpful tools such as an online class, videos, books and instructors can help you out learning a new crochet pattern. 
You don’t have to be a beginner in order to learn new things in crochet.  I have been crocheting for years and thought I new everything about reading crochet patterns until I run into a new pattern or twist from a way a pattern is written.  One way to discover new ways to learn is to take an online class.  
One of the main things you need to do is learn what to look for before purchasing any crochet pattern. You should choose a well-written pattern from a trusted source. Places like  Annie’s Crafts, and Leisure Arts are know for excellent Crochet Patterns.  You can also check out Amazon’s vast category of Crochet Books and patterns.
You will also receive a handy reference that you can return to on how to make stitches whether it is with charts or written patterns. From sizing, to stitch repeats, and charts you can easily learn to ready all sorts of crochet patterns from afghans to clothing and more!
You will even have a class project with a pattern that you can complete yourself.
I am a visual person when it comes to reading patterns.  I like photos and video instructions as well as a written pattern to go along with it.  
Whether you are a beginner or a skilled crocheter this will make your next project be much easier to manage and complete.

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