Learn How to Knit Mittens and Gloves

Fair Isle Mitts and Mittens by Edie Eckman

Learn how to knit mittens and Gloves for beginners Even if you are an experienced knitter you may have always wanted a lesson in how to knit the perfect pair of mittens or gloves. Knit mittens and gloves for the Beginner is a great way to learn. The class is taught by an expert and you will learn all the step you will need from start to finish in order to make a pair of mittens or gloves. It’s easy to follow along with the class and start or stop whenever you want. Replay the class at anytime and get all of your questions answered. The class will teach you how to prepare your accessories and identify your size.

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You’ll discover how to cuff, hand and thumb gusset to start both sets of accessories. For gloves, the teacher will guide you through the fingers, and for mittens, you’ll find out how to work the decreases to shape the tops. Plus, you’ll see how to finish your projects by weaving in any ends and blocking for added shape and polish.Who wouldn’t want a great hand-knitted pair of gloves made especially for you.  This class is one terrific way to learn how to make them!

Fair Isle Mitts and Mittens by Edie Eckman


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