How to Use Number Storage Bins for Better Organization

Great for Organized Toy Clean-Up!
Parents and Crafters use canvas storage bins for toys, crafts, art supplies, books, and miscellaneous items.  A fun way to get the kids to put their toys back in the correct bins is to have numbers on them. Using corresponding numbers with toys (such as number 1 for all action figures, 2 for blocks and puzzles), will help them learn how to coordinate numbers with what to put away and make clean up quicker. For arts and crafts you can easily put crayons in bin number 1, play doh in 2, painting supplies in 3, coloring books in 4 and so on. 

These bins are perfect for the playroom or craft room. It’s easier to stay organized and have lots of space for small and medium size toys. These work great for our bookshelves the boys and girls easily remembered what toy went in each numbered bin.
These also work well for a nursery.  In the babies room you can add diapers in one, baby toys in two and so on.  It makes it easy to stay on top of things.  
You can purchase the bins online or make a set of your own if you can stencil or paint numbers on fabric canvas bins yourself.  I like the look of the plain canvas ones above in order to match any room or decor or move them into different rooms if needed.

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