How to Make a Face Mask Sewing and No-Sew Patterns

DIY Face Mask, Sewing and No-Sew Face Mask, Vinyl Face Shield Pattern and More!


One way to give back to your community is to make face masks for family, friends, health care workers and others. You can easily sew or make no-sew masks with these easy free patterns provided below. 
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The patterns include a easy to sew mask with video instructions and printed instructions. A cone face mask that makes a great filter for a face mask. An octagonal face mask that is easy to make with the free instructions. A vinyl face shield to protect your face, and a no-sew face mask that anyone can make!


Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and use the right fabric for face masks as suggested in the pattern.

Free Face Masks and Face Shield Patterns

How to Make Your Own Face Mask | National Sewing Circle


Fabric face masks are easy to make and perfect for donations. This quick video tutorial with free printable instructions will wall you through the DIY. Use different styles of fabrics to create a special mask!

How to Make a Face Mask at Home


How to Sew a Face Mask for Personal Use
Face masks! Who would’ve thought that this would be the #1 requested pattern of the year? While fabric face masks aren’t as effective as medical-grade N95 masks, they can still be helpful to cover coughs and prevent the spread of germs. Whether you’re looking to make a mask for yourself, a healthcare worker, or a neighbor, this is a great pattern for you!
AccuQuilt GO! Mommy and Me Face Mask Pattern
How to Make a Face Mask at Home


Singer 4411 Heavy Duty, 11 Stitch Patterns, 1,100 SPM & Stainless Steel Bed


Wire Nose Face mask, reusable mask, Cotton fabrics face mask with filter, 2 ply masks, washable face mask

DIY Face Mask, Sewing and No-Sew Face Mask, Vinyl Face Shield Pattern and More!

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