Crochet Quick and Easy 14 Cool Cat Patterns

 Crochet Quick and Easy 14 Cool Cat Patterns 


Leisure Arts Cool Cats Book


These cats are ready for a new home when you crochet the fun projects available in the Cool Cats Crochet Pattern Book
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In addition to the patterns you can read an inspired story of a child and stray shelter cats. Patterns include quick and easy  amigurumi, cats, rug, cat house, blankets and many others!

Cuddle up with these Crochet Cool Cat Patterns

Here is a great great story, the Cats book is purrfect for you? Designer Kristi Simpson shares her daughter Kimmie’s experience at a cat shelter. Choose from 14 projects which include amigurumi cats, cat house, applique, pillow, rug, and blanket. Each project represents a cat that her daughter describes at the shelter. You will want to make all the cats in this book as they each have a special personality and they come in all shapes and sizes. All the projects are rated Basic skill level and will be easy to make. Projects include:
    • Whispurr


    • Iva the Cat Rug


    • Hideaway Cat House


    • Rollie Pollie Otis


    • Ziggy the Applique


    • Andrew


    • Hutch


    • Kiki Pillow


    • Cuddles the Curtain Tie


    • Peaches


    • Pouncer


    • Pickles the Calico


  • Blanket

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