Crochet Pattern for Free Fabric Lined Face Mask

 Crochet Pattern for Free Fabric Lined Face Mask

Crochet a customized face mask using acrylic or cotton yarn and a fabric lining.   Choosing the right fabric for your mask is easy – check out the best fabrics for lining your crochet mask with here. 
This pattern is made using Red Heart Super Saver Yarn but you can change the yarn for your mask. 
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The size of this fabric-lined crochet mask is easy to customize by adding or removing hdc stitches based on the size you need. Working stitches into the back loop only gives the crochet mask a curved shape when worn. The crochet ties are incorporated into the edging— no fussy joining required. For a denser mask, you can go down a hook size and increase the number of chains you start with. This crochet mask pattern for adults uses worsted weight yarn. For this pattern they’ve used Red Heart Super Saver, but you can also use any CYC weight 4 yarn in your stash, such as Bernat Super Value, Caron One Pound or Lily Sugar’n Cream The Original. The Yarnspirations team designed this mask following the CDC’s recommendation that homemade masks can be used to effectively help stop the spread of COVID-19. These masks are intended for use by the public, but not for healthcare practitioners. These masks have not been tested. Fit and cleanliness also affect the mask’s effectiveness. Be sure to wash your materials and mask regularly. These masks are to be used in addition to physical distancing measures and it’s still important to not touch your face while it’s worn.

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