Crochet a Free Toy Airplane Pattern What to Crochet for the New Year

Crochet a Toy Airplane
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No matter what time of year it is you can easily crochet toys for someone that will enjoy a soft item to play with.  The softness of the toys makes them safe and easy to play with. Plus, if they get them dirty you can easily wash then in the wash machine.
Making a crochet airplane is easy as it just requires you to know how to increase and decrease crochet stitches.  I made the above crochet airplane using a free pattern from Red Heart Yarns found here.   I was able to modify the plane a bit by adding a propeller to the front of the plane instead of a face on the plane.  
In order to crochet the propeller just use worsted weight black or gray yarn and the propeller pattern below.
Propeller – start by CH 8, Skip 1 CH, 2 SC into next CH. SC into next 2 CH. Slip stitch into next CH, SC into next 2 CH. 3 SC into last CH. SC on other side of CH for next 2 CH. Slip stitch into next CH. SC into next 2 CH. SC into starting CH and join to first SC. Finish off . Once you have crocheted your plane you can attach it to the front of the airplane instead of a smile if you prefer. 
These crocheted vehicles will provide hours of fun for the little ones. You can make one or all of them with the free Crochet Car, Plane and Truck pattern.
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Ari the Airplane - PDF Crochet Pattern - Instant Download
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