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How to Mend Clothing Using Crochet, Knitting and Sewing Methods Online Class

How to Mend Clothing Using Crochet, Knitting and Sewing Methods Online Class 

How to Mend Clothing

Have you ever had to repair a sweater, pair of pants, or any other item and not sure how to make it look wearable? Mending clothing doesn't mean that you need to sew the item. You can repair clothes by adding a patch, crocheting or knitting the repair or just adding a little piece of decoration on the item.

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Extend the Life of Your Clothes

In the online class How to Mend Clothing  you will learn several new ways to mend clothing.

There are nearly as many ways to darn as there are ways to get holes in clothes. In this class, expert sewist Cal Patch demonstrates her very favorite techniques for mending. She'll show you how to darn knits and woven fabrics using crochet on both flat and curved surfaces. You'll also learn an invisible method of traditional darning on a sweater, then with a contrasting yarn on some socks. Finally, Cal covers several methods of mending with patches. Who knew that mending could be so decorative?    
Learn how to:
  • Mend using crochet
  • Use a darning egg
  • Work visible mending
  • Invisibly darn a sweater
  • Sew a patch to woven fabric
  • Sew a knit patch on a t-shirt

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How to Mend Clothing

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