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Free Bernie Mittens Knitting Pattern and Ideas for Yarn to Use to Knit Your Own Grumpy Chic Mittens

Free Bernie Mittens Knitting Pattern and Ideas for Yarn to Use to Knit Your Own Grumpy Chic Mittens

Free Knitting Pattern Bernie Mittens

Bernie Sanders mittens worn during President Joe Biden's inauguration have become a viral sensation with everyone wanting a pair.  The Vermont school teacher who knitted the cozy mittens said that she has been flooded with requests from people wanting to purchase a pair. Unfortunately they are no longer for sale but you can knit them yourself with this free knitting pattern!

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If you are unable to knit you can find experienced knitters who have the mittens on sale in their Etsy shop here

The mittens were given to Bernie a few years ago while on the campaign trail. Now an iconic accessory in the "grumpy chic" meme of Sanders sitting with his arms crossed in a puffy jacket and blue mask. 

How to Make a Pair of Knitted Bernie Mittens

You can find lots of free Bernie Mittens Patterns available online by just doing a search for them.
The original mittens are made from repurposed wool sweaters and lined with fleece made from recycled plastic bottles.

We have discovered a great free pattern to knit the Bernie's iconic mittens.

Yarn Suggested for Making the Mittens

The mittens are knitted using 3 different colors of yarn.

Basic Stitch Anti Pilling™ Yarn

Since the fiber is treated to resist pilling it makes the perfect yarn for mittens. Especially for projects that see a lot of wear like mittens, scarves and hats.  Even before it is spun into a premium 4-ply acrylic, the fiber is treated to resist pilling. And, when pills do form (due to frequent use and washing), no need to pick them off - just throw the item in the washer and the pills disappear.

Colors suggested in pattern are

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