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10 Easy to Crochet Cowls - Patterns for True Beginners

10 Easy to Crochet Cowls - Patterns for True Beginners

While these patterns are for true beginners to crochet the 10 easy crochet cowl patterns are fun to make for any level of crochet!

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Here's a great way to learn how to crochet your first cowl.
There are 10 Easy-to-Stitch Projects for True Beginners in this download or paperback.
With easy to follow instructions and colorful photos.

Why tackle a traditional scarf for your first-ever crochet project when you can chain and slip stitch your way to a fashionable cowl in no time? It’s true! Creating a luxurious cowl is a surprisingly easy snap with these step-by-step instructions by crochet veteran Marly Bird. Here’s what you’ll find inside these colorful pages:

• Introduction to basic crochet supplies

• Easy-to-follow stitch instruction, from the most basic to slightly more advanced

• 10 trendy cowl patterns, including Linen Stitch, Chevron, Color Block Filet, Blue Lace, and Triangle Mesh

• Lots of encouragement, hints, & tips!

Congratulations! You’ll be a cowl-wearing crochet master in no time, and everyone will marvel at your handiwork.


Check out the Patterns

10 Easy to Crochet Cowls - Patterns for True Beginners


  1. I don't know a lot about crochet but these look magnificent. My daughters would wear them.

    1. Thanks! Check out YouTube You can easily learn a lot about how to crochet.

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