Monday, July 16, 2018

Crochet an Octopus with the Free Solidarity Octopus Pattern Download

Crochet an Octopus with the Free Solidarity Octopus Pattern Download

Free Crochet Octopus Pattern Download

Crocheting an Octopus is fairly easy for the experienced crocheter. I crocheted the purple Octopus without any pattern. I first crocheted the head and added the spiral legs on afterwards. There are several patterns available for these cuddly creatures. We are featuring the free pattern for you to create your own Octopus.

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The free Solidarity Octopus Crochet pattern is available to download in English, Spanish and French. The pattern says that the little guy helps families whose babies have been born prematurely. The initiative was first started in Denmark, and it encourages us all to crochet this endearing creature.

The therapeutic octopus helps premature babies complete their development. Their tentacles resemble the umbilical cord, allowing the baby to interact with the creature and allowing them to wrap their fingers around them which permit the babies to develop as if they were in the mother's womb. Please note I've not tested this with a baby so I'm not sure how safe it is. Either way it's a cute project to make as a gift.
Free Crochet Octopus Pattern DownloadFree Crochet Pattern Octopus for Baby

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Crochet an Octopus with this free pattern
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