Monday, June 18, 2018

7 Easy to Create Play Mats for Boys and Girls Using Glue and Simple Stitches

Kids and adults can easily make a play mat using some felt, glue and a few easy stitches. The play mats will provide hours of fun for the kids to make up stories and explore their imagination. The pieces can be mixed and matched and used in a variety of different ways along with other toys.

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The instructions included in Play Mats are for 7 sets for both boys and girls that you can easily cut and assemble with just some glue and minor stitches. 

The patterns include  Magical Castle with a princess and unicorn; Sea Life with a sunken ship amid fish and sea plants; Sweet Cupcake Shop with carrying handles; Campsite with a tent, sleeping bags, and boat; Down Home Farm with a barn, fencing, garden, and pond; Woodland Wonderland with a cottage, trees, and forest animals; and On the Road with a highway for miniature cars to drive past houses and businesses.

Kids can add their own animals, dolls, trees, dishes, bedding and more to finish up each play mat and interact with more than one play mat at a time. 

The play mats are easy to make and fun to play with! Make your own story!

Crafts for Kids

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