Sunday, June 3, 2018

New Cricut Project Ideas to Create with Cricut Everyday Fonts

 New Cricut Project Ideas to Create with Cricut Everyday FontsNew Cricut Project Ideas to Create with Everyday Fonts
Cricut has a font for every occasion.
When you access the Cricut Everyday fonts  you can easily see many of the new projects to create beautiful mugs, aprons, notebooks, wooden signs, magnets, laundry room ideas, kitchen ideas, gift tags, labels and more.
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What you need to do to get started is choose the font that is suited for your project. Then be sure to sign into Cricut Design Space, search for the fonts on this cartridge using the individual font names: Everyday Fonts - A is for Alice, Everyday Fonts - Best of Times, Everyday Fonts - Announcement, Everyday Fonts - Something to Shout About, Everyday Fonts - Celebrate, Everyday Fonts - Big Day, and Everyday Fonts - Warm Wishes. There you will find lots of DIY projects like the ones below to make a variety of items using the Cricut Everyday Fonts.

Cartridges & Images

Hangry Cricut Apron Project

Be Back in Sign Cricut Project

Laundry Hamper Cricut Project

Black Notebooks Cricut Project

Healthy Reminder Magnets Cricut Project

 Baby It's Cold Outside Mug Cricut Project

Cricut Everyday Fonts

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