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10 Favorite Crochet Patterns for Summer Shoes

10 Favorite Crochet Summer Shoe Patterns

Crochet Pattern Fancy Flip-Flops

ePattern Flip Flop Tops Crochet pattern
You can easily crochet a pair of stylish shoes for the summer when you purchase an inexpensive pair of flip flops and use the bottoms of them to create several different styles of crochet summer shoes. From open toed shoes, flip flops to crochet, summer canvas style street shoes and more!  Find the perfect crochet pattern for the pair of summer shoes that you want to crochet and get started making a pair to match your different outfits for the entire summer season!  
There are actually a few more than 10 crochet patterns but the basics shoes pattern are in the top 10!
You can easily find inexpensive flip flops at the dollar store or department store.
ANNIE'S SIGNATURE DESIGNS: Coral Reef Set Crochet Pattern

Crochet a Pair of Coral Reef Crochet Flip flops and add a bag and a hat to crochet with the
These accessories are perfect for a summer day. Whether you are shopping, going out to lunch, or going to the beach! 

A Quick and Easy way to spruce up any pair of flips flops is to take your favorite cotton yarn and crochet around the bands of the flips flops like the pattern above.

Crochet Sandals and Casual Shoes

Crochet a pair of casual sandals 

Matching Bag & Street Shoes 3 in 1 Crochet Pattern

Step out in style with these casual slip on shoes and crochet the matching bag too. These shoes are made by using a corded sole.

Pearl Slippers Crochet Pattern turn slippers into street shoes crochet pattern

Step out in style wherever you roam with these unique slippers! Wear them as slippers, or purchase the corded sole pattern to add a sole and wear as street shoes. 

Learn to Make Door-Mat Soles Crochet Pattern

Learn to Make Crochet Soles

Crocodile Stitch Espadrilles (Adult Sizes) ePattern

These Bonita Crocodile Stitch Espadrilles are not only classic but super comfy and beyond easy. Now you can create your own handmade crocheted shoes that will WOW everyone and will hold up to real life wear and tear. This pattern contains detailed photos with all the steps on how to assemble these gorgeous street-ready sandals. 

Raffia Sandals Basic Slipper Crochet Pattern
These cute slippers are made using Raffia, a light and strong fiber. It is perfect for footwear, not as soft, pliable or stretchy as normal yarn but amazingly comfortable

Learn to Make Cord Soles

Slanting Line Basic Slipper Crochet PatternCrochet a Pair of Shoes for Summer Crochet Pattern

These pretty slippers are made using a worsted-weight cotton yarn. 

Oxford Flip-Flop Shoes

Crochet an edge to fit around the flip-flop sole, the shoe is worked around the edge then glued to the sole using 1 tube transparent silicone/caulk/sealant.

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