Monday, November 6, 2017

Learn How to Make Christmas Cards with Your Cricut Machine

 Learn How to Make Christmas Cards with Your Cricut Machine

Learn How to Make Christmas Cards with Your Cricut Machine

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Christmas cards can be extra special when they are handmade and if you have or are looking to purchase a Cricut Machine they can easily get creative making all sorts of holiday cards!   Cricut cards can be simple or more detailed depending on what type of card you are looking to make.  In order to get started making a Christmas card using Cricut here's a few items that you will need.


Basic Instructions for your Cricut Card

Select a pattern for your card from Cricut Design Space  or create your own, and create text using Design Space.
Cut Out Your Design and Text in the Cardstock you selected and the Card Format.
On the Cricut machine in Design Space create the words such Merry Christmas in a format sized to fit inside the the space of the Christmas card that you are making.
Use the Plastic Sleeve to cover the words that you may cut out and seal the card using glue.
Use Sequins or stickers to add additional decorations to your card.
Trim and design your card as specified in the project instructions

Free Christmas Card Projects to Make Using Cricut

How To Make Cricut Christmas Cards
There are 3 Free Card Projects to Make from Joann's

Cricut has one of the best selection for ideas and instructions on how to make Cricut Christmas cards and they are arrange from Easy to make, Moderate, and a bit more advanced.  You can easily view any of the cards by following this link to the Cricut Christmas Card Ideas and Projects.  This also includes gift tags, bags, boxes and more ideas for Christmas gift giving.

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