Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How to Create an Infinite Bracelet and Other Summer-Inspired Jewelry Ideas

Powder Rose Bracelet - View the Project
Powder Rose Bracelet - View the Project

How to Create a Bracelet and Other Summer-Inspired Jewelry Ideas

There are so many great jewelry projects to make all year round like this Infinite bracelet that features a bracelet without a fastening. Plus there are projects for every season from the holidays to fall and spring to create.  

Monochrome Bracelet - View the Project

Now that Summer is coming to an end and the weather isn't the only thing still hot around here!
A classic summer trend to try is anything floral. This trend transitions well into the next season and is a definite head-turner. Check out their blossoming collection of floral jewelry supplies to stay on-trend and inspire. They have links, pendants and clasps, plus beads in gemstone, acrylic and more!  Floral jewelry can be worn anytime of the year and is great for weddings, get togethers with friends, and back to school jewelry.

Floral Supplies
Or create a memento of your summer beach adventure with your jewelry and incorporate the double-sided mermaid charm or the single sided starfish charm.
You also can't have summer without bare feet, so how about finishing up the season with your own

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