Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Travel Labels and Summer Camp: Kids Personalized Labels for Camp and Summer Activities

Kids Personalized Name Labels for Summer Activities
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Shop Mabel's Labels OnlineSummer is a busy time of year for kids activities. From camping trips, summer camp, sleepaway camp, sports activities, playgrounds, travel, and swimming at the pool. The kids will be taking clothing, water bottles, backpacks, shoes, cell phones, tablets, and other items along with them on all of their adventures. In order to keep track of these items and not have them disappear or get lost it's a good idea to get personalized labels for your kids items.

Personalized Labels for Kids Summer Activities and camp

The Day Camp pack is a collection of waterproof labels and tags which has everything needed to avoid mix-ups and lost items at busy day camps this summer. The Sleepaway Camp Label Pack offers UV resistant, waterproof labels and tags and is designed especially for everything that goes to sleepaway camp! 
Keep your kids organized as they head off to summer camps, with products that help you while packing!

 Camp Labels for Kids

The Camp labels are great for shoes, clothing, luggage, beach items and more!

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