Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Easy to Sew Free Bed Pillow Pattern for Kids

How to Sew a Floor Pillow for a ChildThese soft and cozy bed pillows are just the thing for sleepovers and grandma and grandpa's house.  If your grandkids fall asleep on the floor while watching television or just need a place to nap or sleep when they come over. These easy to sew floor pillows with comfy cuddly fleece fabric are perfect for children!
You can make them using your favorite fleece fabric in whatever theme you want.  The free pattern show is for a dog kids floor pillow, a bunny themed floor pillow, and a frog themed floor pillow.
The pattern calls for using 2 pillows and polyester fiberfill but another option would be to use floor pillows, a long bed pillow, or even dog bed pillow which are typically larger and machine washable.  
How to sew a floor pillow for a child

Once you have decided on what to use for your pillow insert check out the style of Fleece Fabrics that you want to use to sew your project.  Some of the best selections of fabric can be found at Fabric.com because their warehouse stocks more than half a million yards of fabric that we offer at up to 40% below retail price, they have free shipping on orders over $49 and free return shipping. 

Polar Fleece Print Circe MultiWinterFleece Puppies Fleece Multi
Fleece Fabrics
Find the right pillow (bed pillows, dog pillows, etc) and Polyester Fiberfill to stuff your floor bed pillow with. 

You will also need matching thread, basic sewing supplies and batting for this project. Use your sewing machine and whip up a few of these for all the kids to enjoy!  Once you get the hang of the pattern they are really easy to sew and you can make several different designs.

Sew a Sleeping Bag Instructions Class

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