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Fun Affordable Crafts Heat Transfer Vinyl Craft Ideas

 Fun and Affordable Crafts Heat Transfer Vinyl Crafts
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Heat transfer vinyl! These days, it seems like someone has a special vinyl they want to sell you for every single thing you want to apply to! Crafters don't have the money to buy that kind of stock, and they sure as heck don't have room for it either.Heat Transfer Vinyl is an affordable way to craft and help make room without hurting your wallet.
It applies to:
 Affordable Crafts Ideas with Vinyl Transfers

Cotton      Polyester     Cotton/Poly Blends   Spandex   Leather    Performance wear and more!
You can use the same vinyl to apply to a hat, a headband, a hoodie, and a pair of yoga pants! 

Plus, it comes in 18 great colors, including MINT, SEAFOAM, and CORAL!

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tips for Affordable Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

10 Budget Friendly Landscaping Ideas for Your Yard

Landscaping can get expensive, but there are ways to select budget friendly plants and inexpensive ideas for making your front (and back) yard look beautiful for the summer.
Front Yard Landscaping ideas

1.  Rearrange and Divide off existing plants - Perennial plants such as Sedum, Hostas, Black-Eyed-Susans, Lilies, and Coneflowers can be divided into several different plants to place in other areas of your yard.  This is a wonderful way to decrease costs and use existing plants from your garden to add flowers and plants into other areas. Dividing plants is fairly easy; start by digging up the entire plant, making sure to keep the root-ball intact. Then carefully split up the roots and stems until you have separated the plant into several chunks. Each group can be re-planted, and should continue to grow if watered and maintained appropriately.

2.  Select Plants with Bright Colors for a Larger Impact - Larger plants with bright colors help fill in space and become a focal point, Look for colors that offset your siding and show up well when approaching your yard. Learn more here. 

3.  Collect Rocks, Bricks and Stones to use as Edging or Landscaping - Instead of purchasing border materials find items that are free. Ask neighbors and friends for any unwanted bricks or stones in their yards. Just be sure that if you are looking for these items in the park or the beach that they allow you to remove or collect them.

4.  Get Ideas from Your Neighbors - Trade clipping of bushes, flowers, plants and other items in order to cut down on expenses. 

5.  Use Kitchen Refused for a Compost - Add nutrients back into your soil by using kitchen waste. It's fairly easy to compost your fruits and vegetables back into the soil.

Yimby 5 cu. ft. Tumbler Composter
Yimby 5 cu. ft. Tumbler Composter

6.  Purchase Seeds and Seedlings instead of Full Plants and Trees - Seeds and Seedlings will take a bit longer to grow but are way less expensive and you can start them early on in the spring.

7.  Upcycle and Recycle Old Materials - Make a raised bed garden from a wooden pallet or other wood materials that you have or may be able to receive from others.

8.  Purchase Pots and Planters from the Dollar Store, Used, On Sale, Clearance - There are lots of inexpensive planters and pots available at the Dollar Store, or find used ones at rummage sales, on Clearance or even online.

9.  Save Money on Water by Collecting it in a Rain Barrel - A rain barrel will help lower your water bills and the environment. You can build your own rain or purchase one and install it on your home. 

Rain Wizard 65 Gallon Rain Barrel
Rain Wizard 65 Gallon Rain Barrel

10.  Add Lighting with Inexpensive Lighting around your Garden - Adding inexpensive pathway or lighting around your plants will make your garden light up even more during the evening.

Quinn 6-Light Pathway Light Kit

Other items that can enhance a yard our garden fountains, statues, garden arbors, planters, containers, garden stones and rocks. Look for inexpensive ways to make your yard stand out without having to spend a lot of money.
Dakoda 72" W x 41" D Vinyl Arbor

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Beautiful Pillow Patterns to Crochet for Any Room

Crochet ePattern Painted Desert Pillows
Crochet ePattern Painted Desert Pillows

This crochet pillow cover is inspired by desert colors.
It's suggested that you use a worsted weight yarn. Pillows are a great way to spruce up a room.  You can even take old, out of date pillows and crochet a new pillow cover for them or use a new pillow form to crochet around.
Add a touch of the Southwest to your home with these beautiful painted desert-themed pillows. Created from easy one and two-color crocheted squares and joined together with simple slip stitches, they are quick to make using medium weight yarn and a size I (5.50 mm) hook.
Number of Designs: 5 pillows Size: God's Eye 12" square, Navajo Rug 12" x 18", Wild Geese 15" square, Thunderbird 15" square, and Blazing Star 15" square

13 Bright and Beautiful Quilt Patterns for Warm Summer Days

Warm Summer Quilt Patterns Sunshine QuiltPretty in Purple Summer Quilt Pattern

Get ahead start on your summer quilting projects with 13 different patterns for your warm summer days. Quilting isn't just a craft to do in the winter or fall. With all of the beautiful patterns available in the Summer Quilting Pattern Download you can easily find bright bold quilts and more to make for summer.  From stitching flowers on a bed to creating a beautiful tote bag or a quilt for baby there are several projects to choose from. Plus, if you are looking for the perfect fabric that is lightweight and just the right color for summer you can find them online with free shipping and free returns. 
13 Bright and Beautiful Quilt Patterns for warm summer days

Jump-start your summer quilting with all 13 bright, colorful quilts perfect for warmer days! You'll stitch gorgeous flowers onto a bed quilt, cute motifs into a table runner or tote, or pretty blocks into a baby quilt! Don't miss the next installment of our Quilting on Your Machine with Debby Brown series, where you'll take your machine-quilting knowledge to the next level. With a wide variety of fascinating techniques to try, every quilter will find something to love in this overflowing summer issue! Get your copy 

Summer Quilt Patterns and TotesPatriotic Quilt pattern for summerBeautiful summer quilt wall hanging patternQuilt a table runner pattern for summerColorful black picnic quilt patternWarm summer quilt patternsQuilting patterns for summer colors fabricsBright and bold summer quilt patternBeautiful bright summer quilting patterns

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Easy to Sew Free Bed Pillow Pattern for Kids

How to Sew a Floor Pillow for a ChildThese soft and cozy bed pillows are just the thing for sleepovers and grandma and grandpa's house.  If your grandkids fall asleep on the floor while watching television or just need a place to nap or sleep when they come over. These easy to sew floor pillows with comfy cuddly fleece fabric are perfect for children!
You can make them using your favorite fleece fabric in whatever theme you want.  The free pattern show is for a dog kids floor pillow, a bunny themed floor pillow, and a frog themed floor pillow.
The pattern calls for using 2 pillows and polyester fiberfill but another option would be to use floor pillows, a long bed pillow, or even dog bed pillow which are typically larger and machine washable.  
How to sew a floor pillow for a child

Once you have decided on what to use for your pillow insert check out the style of Fleece Fabrics that you want to use to sew your project.  Some of the best selections of fabric can be found at because their warehouse stocks more than half a million yards of fabric that we offer at up to 40% below retail price, they have free shipping on orders over $49 and free return shipping. 

Polar Fleece Print Circe MultiWinterFleece Puppies Fleece Multi
Fleece Fabrics
Find the right pillow (bed pillows, dog pillows, etc) and Polyester Fiberfill to stuff your floor bed pillow with. 

You will also need matching thread, basic sewing supplies and batting for this project. Use your sewing machine and whip up a few of these for all the kids to enjoy!  Once you get the hang of the pattern they are really easy to sew and you can make several different designs.

Sew a Sleeping Bag Instructions Class

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Gift for the Knitter in Your Life Knitting Whimsical Watch

Knitting Watch in Silver (Large)

Whimsical Watches are made by a team of Artists and Graphic Designers using hand-crafted Miniatures. All Miniatures are specially placed under the domed crystal of the watch turning this fashionable watch into a wearable work of art. The Gold case is 1 1/2" in diameter and compliments a colorful face with inset easy-to-read analog dial. Whimsical Watches are Seiko time pieces with Quartz movements; comes with an Italian Leather Band and placed in a gift box with a limited one-year warranty. This watch is designed for the person who loves to knit.

Knitting Watch in Gold (Large)
Back 2 School

Beach Lover Floating Locket

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