Monday, March 6, 2017

Download Over 27 New Crochet Patterns for Spring, Easter and Mother's Day

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Over 27 Crochet Patterns for Spring are in the NEW issue of I Like Crochet including Easter Crochet patterns, Mother's Day Crochet patterns and more!

You can easily download all of these patterns right away to start crocheting
Here are some of the patterns featured in the New Issue
 I Like Crochet Patterns for Spring
-27+ NEW Spring Patterns
-Fairy Tale Shawls: Five Spellbinding Designs
-Grandma's Favorite: The Road Trip Throw
-Pretty Patterns Just for Mom
-Your Next Obsession: China Blue Honeycomb Scarf

Easter Sweets
One of the best things about Easter is all of the yummy and sugary candy that comes along with the season. Inspired by the pretty pastel colors of jelly beans and chocolate eggs, these patterns will make your Easter extra sweet this year.

Make it for Mom
Mom deserves something special on a day dedicated to her. Crochet something small or something big - and she’ll be grateful for the extra thought behind her gift. Moms are great and Mother’s day is the perfect excuse to shower her with love. Take your pick from this special collection and celebrate mom.

Fairy Tale Shawls
Once upon a time we were little girls dreaming of fairies and princesses on adventures. We will always cherish these dreams and we wanted to create a collection of shawls inspired by our memories of magical lands. These elegant shawls are paired with fancy gowns and are perfect for going to your very own special events. Just be sure to be home by midnight!

What happens when you ask your designers to look to the past for inspiration? Incredible things! This collection of Crochet Classics spans decades of vintage styles and motifs to create new designs with that coveted “new vintage” look.

 Crochet baby items for spring Crochet an Easter Basket

Springtime means the birds are back and singing sweetly in the morning. While flowers are popular motifs to crochet, we set out to let birds share some of the spotlight this spring. From feathers to bluebirds, get ready to crochet to the tune of birds.

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