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How to Crochet the Snuggle Super Fresh Red Afghan Pattern

After seeing the Snuggle Super Fresh Fabric Softener commercial with the Red afghan that look so soft and cozy I had a family member ask me if I could make them one.  Well, after watching the commercial on YouTube I discovered that this was a knitted blanket and I would have to come up with my own crochet version of the Red Beauty.  Originally I was going to crochet this in one solid red yarn but I changed my mind and crocheted using two different red colors of yarn.  You can use whatever color you would like to crochet your snuggly soft afghan from the free pattern below.

Materials Used

Size L -11  8 mm Crochet Hook
Note:  I would suggest using one brand of yarn the Red Heart and Caron yarn were different weights and I had to make modifications to my afghan.  Either use just the Red Heart or just the Caron Yarn not both unless you are good with working two different weight yarns together in afghans.


Using Red Heart Super Saver Yarn Only

Chain 121 across Turn

1st Row:   SC across, ch 1 turn
2nd Row:  SC across, ch 1 turn
3rd Row:  SC in BLO (Back Loop Only)  ch 1 to turn

Repeat rows 1 through 3 until you have a blanket measuring the size you want about 60 to 72 inches long. 

 Finish off by SC two rows and add a SC border around if you wish to complete the afghan. 

The trick is crocheting the third row in the back loops of the chain only in order to make this look more like the Snuggle red afghan like seen on television. You can make this afghan as small or as large as you want to snuggle in.  A worsted weight yarn works the best but as with any crochet you can use your imagination and try different yarns and hooks to see what looks good for your project.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Modern Baby Booties Crochet Patterns, Sandals, Sneakers & More!

 Modern Crochet Baby Booties Patterns featuring Sandals Sneakers and more for baby

Kick up some cuteness with Modern Baby Booties that are packed with trendy details! 
These modern baby booties are adorable, plus they are quick and easy to crochet. From tennis shoes to sandals and boots your baby will be so adorable and comfortable when you crochet these fun booties for them to wear with every outfit.  Just pick the color of yarn you want to make these in and get started right away when you download the patterns in Crochet Modern Baby Booties.
Kick up some cuteness with booties that are packed with trendy details! The 12 crochet designs by Kristi Simpson in Modern Baby Booties from Leisure Arts feature boots, sneakers, sandals, and other styles of footwear for boys and girls. All for Easy skill level using medium weight yarn, the designs include Peek-A-Boo Sandals, Crossover Sandals, Casual Boots, Espadrilles, High-Top Moccasins, Lacy Cuff Boots, Casual Loafers, Motif Sandals, Flower Petal Slippers, Sporty Sneakers, High-Top Sneakers, and Strap-Over Loafers. Each pattern is given in two sizes: Small (2 inches wide by 3 inches long) and Medium (2 by 3.5 inches).

 Crochet Modern Baby Booties Sandals Pattern Crochet Modern Baby Booties Crochet Sandals

 Modern Baby booties to crochet patterns Modern Baby booties to Crochet boots for baby pattern

 Crochet sneakers patterns booties for baby Crochet Modern Booties Patterns for baby
 Crochet modern booties patterns for baby Crochet boot patterns for baby

Nature's Gifts for Baby

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Free Printable Valentine's Day Heart Snoopy Printable Dishcloth Labels Wrappers

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Free Printable Valentine's Day Labels 

Here's a free gift for you to print and download. Free printable Valentine's Day labels or Heart labels can be used anytime of the year .  These wrapppers are a great addition to your crochet or knitted dishcloths and can be printed and used over and over again.  Once you click on the link the watermark of Craftdrawer is removed and you will be able to print or download these adorable heart, Snoopy and animal labels on your home computer printer. 
This is a PDF file.  
Just cut the labels once you print them and wrap them around your dishcloth and tape close.

View and Print the FREE Valentine's Labels Here.....

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Marvelous Crochet Motifs, Featuring over 35 Projects for Fashion, Home and Gift-giving

 Crochet Motif Patterns 35 Projects and Patterns for Fashion, Home Decor and More

If you are looking for easy projects to take along with you or crochet beautiful home decor, fashion and gift ideas for spring, summer and all year round. You will enjoy the 35 plus crochet patterns featured in Marvelous Crochet which you can download to start crocheting right away or get your printed copy and enjoy the patterns any time you want to pull them off your bookshelf.
Use the fun motif technique everywhere with Marvelous Crochet Motifs, featuring over 35 projects for fashion, home and gift-giving. This collection features variations of favorite motif patterns, including the ever-popular Granny Square, along with new motif designs to create stunning projects that you'll love to crochet! We've included crochet projects for home, fashion accessories, beautiful garments and even a few projects to make for those special young people in your life. Look inside for motif projects that feature join-as-you-go designs, as well as projects with motifs that are joined together later -- perfect as portable projects. You'll also find crochet designs that use just a few spectacular motifs for stunning results. With over 35 projects to choose from, we're sure you’ll spend many happy hours crocheting new-to-you motif designs as well as your favorites too! Get your copy today and begin your next design.
 Marvelous Crochet Motifs, featuring over 35 projects for fashion, home and gift-giving Marvelous Crochet Motifs, featuring over 35 projects for fashion, home and gift-giving

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Great Gift Ideas 5 Thoughtful Gifts from Mixbook this Valentine's Day

Unique Art, Home Decor, Holiday Cards, Wedding Invitations from Independent Artists

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Sometimes it's difficult to find the perfect gift for someone that you love. I know that when you use your creativity and make something special with photos for that person it makes the gift even more exciting. 
I have given photo book gifts to family members who actually teared up at the fact that they received such a touching gift.  Others in our family have created special photos from their vacations and family photos to hang on their walls and share in their home. 

It didn’t seem like it at the time, but life was easier as a kid on Valentine’s Day. You get your Looney Tunes themed pop out cards, stick on a lollypop and then give them out to as many people as you wanted. The biggest challenge was deciding if you gave your 3rd grade crush the cute card with Babs Bunny blowing kisses or the funny one with Elmer Fudd being a grouch. As an adult, you are tasked with finding a card or gift that is thoughtful and personal for your significant other that conveys how much you care. That can be a much tougher challenge.

1. Wall Art
Take your favorite photo and turn it into a beautiful piece of art for the wall. Do you have a photo of your favorite place? Where you had your first kiss? Where you got engaged? A favorite spot on a special trip? Make it into a focal point in your house to bring back great memories every day.
2. Year-in-Review photo book
Take all of those photo memories from the past year and put them into a commemorative photo book. This is great if you can’t choose from all the great photos you have from 2016.
3. Custom Card
Get your creative juices flowing and make a custom card for your love. Let them know how much you care about them through endless customizable designs!
4. Custom Calendar
Customize a  calendar full of photo memories. Make them themed to each month, or choose photos at random. The design is completely up to you!
5. Framed photo print
Mixbook will print and frame a special photo for you to add to your collection. The high quality image will bring your photo to life and you can choose from multiple frames to ensure they fit your decor.
With Valentine’s Day approaching quickly, you’re on the clock! 

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